Students and Staff of the 2006 Poggio Colla Field School and Mugello Valley Archaeological Project.





2006 Field School




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Trench PC 1: Robert Vander Poppen

Trench PC 28: Caitlin Vacanti

Trench PC 29: Ivo van der Graaff

Trench PF 7: Aaron Bartels

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Students and staff gather around Trench PF 7 for a final trench tour.


Caitlin Vacanti, Ivo van der Graaff, Jason Doran, Robert Vander Poppen,
Angela Trentacoste, Jess Galloway, and Greg Warden on Poggio Colla.


Jess Galloway, Nicole Beratesqui, Robert Vander Poppen, Caitlin Vacanti,
Ivo van der Graaff, Candace Vaden, and Angela Trentacoste lunch on site on final drawing day.


Students, staff, Bruno, and Beppina watching the Italian victory in the 2006 World Cup.


Caitlin Vacanti, Ivo van der Graaff, Robert Vander Poppen,
and Jess Galloway on Poggio Colla.


Ann Steiner (right) directing a student project on coarseware;
assisted by Nicole Beratesqui and Aaron Bartels.


Michael Thomas leads a student project on archaeological museum installations.


Anna Serotta, Chris White, and Caitlin Vacanti prepare to lift a find from PC 28.


View of the Mugello Valley from Poggio Colla.


Biscuit Thomas.


Heroic comune van arrives in the Podere Funghi for trench tours.


Clouds over Poggio Colla on the last day of excavation in 2006.


Kathy Windrow, Digital Photographer/Information Technologist