Things always change at the last minute, but here at least is a tentative list of lecture and presentation topics.

Sunday, July 2: The Mugello Valley Archaeological Project
Introduction to the Project (Thomas & Warden)
Walking tour of the site

Monday, July 3: Excavations at Poggio Colla 1995-2005 (Warden)

Tuesday, July 4: Introduction to Stratigraphy (Thomas & Vander Poppen)

Thursday, July 6: Archaeological Survey Methodologies (Vander Poppen)

Monday, July 10: Settlement Archaeology: Southern Etruria (Warden)

Tuesday, July 11: Archaeological Illustration (Hooton)

Wednesday, July 12: Archaeological Mapping (Galloway)

Thursday, July 13: Material Culture (staff)

Tuesday, July 18: Settlement Archaeology: Northern Etruria (Warden)

Wednesday, July 19: Settlement archaeology: Murlo & Acquarossa (Meyers)

Thursday, July 20: Etruscan religion and ritual space (Thomas)

Monday, July 24: Archaeological Ceramics (Steiner)

Tuesday, July 25: Archaeological Conservation (White)

Wednesday, July 26: Settlement Methodologies (Bon-Harper)

Thursday, July 27: Architectural Terracottas, Roofing Systems, etc. (Meyers)

Monday, July 31: Public lecture on 2006 Season in Vicchio, in Italian (Warden)

Tuesday, August 1: The Agro Fiorentino, Bologna, and the North (Warden)

Wednesday, August 2: The 2006 Season, in English (Thomas & Warden)

Greg Warden leads a reading discussion with SMU students.


Above and below: Gretchen Meyers holds a workshop on roof tile.


Students participate in a hands-on demonstration of survey instruments.


Architect Jess Galloway teaches a student to run the survey equipment.