2003 STAFF

Director: Prof. P. Gregory Warden, Southern Methodist University

Director: Prof. Michael Thomas, University of Michigan

Director of Research: Prof. Ann Steiner, Franklin & Marshall College

Architect: Jess Galloway, Booziotis & Co.

Conservator: Krysia Spyridowicz, Queen's University

Information Technologist: Prof. Kathy Windrow, Eastfield College and SMU

Senior Curator: Bridget Marx, Southern Methodist University

Geophysics: Dr. Dario Monna, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Operations Manager: Larry Lehman, Southern Methodist University

House Manager: Prof. Marsha Anderson, Northlake College

Research Associate: Prof. David Romano, University of Pennsylvania

Research Associate: Prof. Patricia Lulof, University of Amsterdam

Research Associate: Gretchen Meyers, The University of Texas at Austin

Research Associate: Michael McKinnon, British School in Rome

Research Associate: Prof. Ingrid Edlund-Berry, The University of Texas at Austin

Research Associate: Prof. Paolo Muriello, Università di Molise

Visitor Coordinator: Estelle Reddeck, MVAP

Senior Field Supervisor: Robert Vander Poppen, University of North Carolina

Field Supervisor: Robert Belanger, Emory University

Field Supervisor: Katie Blanchard, Southern Methodist University

Field Supervisor: Joshua Moran, MVAP

Field Supervisor: Caitlin Vacanti, MVAP

Assistant Supervisor: Ivo van der Graaff, University of Amsterdam

Assistant Supervisor: Rachel Julis, University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Supervisor: Alvaro Ibarra, University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Supervisor: Adrian Ossi, University of Michigan

Assistant Supervisor: Jessica Leger. Boston University

Conservation Assistant: Megan Emery, Buffalo State University

Conservation Assistant: Janis Mandrus, Queen's University

Conservation Assistant: Vicki Karas, Queen's University

Laboratory Assistant: Na'Cole Trujillo, Southern Methodist University

Excavator: Lynn Makowsky, University of Pennsylvania

Left to right: Robert Vander Poppen, Josh Moran, and Jess Galloway.


Caitlin Vacanti stretches out in her trench.