Kacie Coughlin: Franklin & Marshall College
Wes Court: Franklin & Marshall College
Christa de Zoete: University of Leiden
Chad Fitzloff: University of Illinois
Jessica Galeano: Franklin & Marshall College
Brandon Gonia: Boston University
Cort Hightower: Southern Methodist University
Natalie Heberling: Scripps College
Rachel Hock: Wellesley College
Sarah Houlihan: Georgetown University
Alexander Keim: Boston University
Benton Keith: Southern Methodist University
Elizabeth LaDuc: Yale University
Jennifer Leger: Boston University
Emily Lepkowski: University of Oregon
Robin Lineback: Southern Methodist University
Samantha Mabry : Southern Methodist University
Stephen Mills: University of Michigan
Jeroen Oosterbaan: University of Amsterdam
Jennifer Polguy: Franklin & Marshall College
Martha Reichert: Hunter College
Charles Sauvin: University of Paris
Bradley Schneider: University of Michigan
Charles Slaton: Southern Methodist University
Simone van Rootselaar: University of Leiden
Elizabeth Wolfram: University of Michigan

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