2004 STAFF

Director: Prof. P. Gregory Warden, Southern Methodist University

Director: Prof. Michael Thomas, Tufts University

Director of Research: Prof. Ann Steiner, Franklin & Marshall College

Director of Materials: Prof. Gretchen Meyers, Rollins University

Architect: Jess Galloway, Booziotis & Co.

Head Conservator: Chris White, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Conservator: Esther H. Chao, Peabody Museum, Harvard University

Information Technologist: Prof. Kathy Windrow, Eastfield College and SMU

Senior Curator: Bridget Marx, Meadows Museum, SMU

Operations Manager: Larry Lehman, Southern Methodist University

House Manager: Matthew Coonan, MVAP

Survey: Prof. David Romano, University of Pennsylvania

Geophysics: Dr. Dario Monna, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IT)

Topographic Survey: Mark Corney, University of Bristol (UK)

Consulting Scholar: Prof. Patricia Lulof, University of Amsterdam (NL)

Consulting Scholar: Prof. Ingrid Edlund-Berry, The University of Texas at Austin

Visitor Coordinator: Estelle Reddeck Thomas, MVAP

Illustratration: Sue Bird

Assistant Field Director: Robert Vander Poppen, University of North Carolina

Field Supervisor: Robert Belanger, Emory University

Field Supervisor: Katy Blanchard, Southern Methodist University

Field Supervisor: Joshua Moran, MVAP

Field Supervisor: Caitlin Vacanti, MVAP

Field Supervisor: Ivo van der Graaff, University of Amsterdam (NL)

Assistant Supervisor: Aaron Bartels, University of Southern California

Assistant Supervisor: Laura Crowley, University of Leiden (NL)

Assistant Supervisor: Jessica Galeano, Franklin & Marshall College

Assistant Supervisor: Martha Reichert, Hunter College

Assistant Supervisor: Bradley Schneider, University of Michigan

Assistant Supervisor: Sarah Titus, Yale University

Laboratory Assistant: Lilly Albritton, Southern Methodist University

Excavator: Lynn Makowsky, University of Pennsylvania Museum

Robert Vander Poppen and Caitlin Vacanti at their desks on Poggio Colla.


House Manager Matt Coonan, Director of Materials Gretchen Meyers,
and Director Michael Thomas before dinner at Vigna.


Field Supervisors Katy Blanchard and Caitlin Vacanti.


Field Supervisor Robert Belanger, volunteer Matt Russell,
and Assistant Field Director Robert Vander Poppen.


Super House Manager Matt Coonan, and Gretchen Meyers, in the van.


Field Supervisor Ivo van der Graaff and
Assistant Field Supervisor Brad Schneider.


Staff happy hour at the Vicchio train station bar.


Estelle Thomas, Robert Vander Poppen, Jess Galloway, and
Michael Thomas with Tony Tuck of Poggio Civitate.



Left to right: Brad Schneider, Greg Warden, Robert Belanger, Dario Monna, and
Jess Galloway discussing excavation around the kilns in the Podere Funghi.


Jessica Galeano and Martha Reichert.


Lynn Makowsky, Kathy Windrow, and Jess Galloway.


Bradley Schneider and Estelle Reddeck on Poggio Colla for final photography.


Michael Thomas's leg after surveying the south slope of Poggio Colla.