Graduate Students

Lilly Albritton, Art History, Southern Methodist University


Elizabeth Bair, University of Michigan
Nicole Berastequi, Southern Methodist University
Krishawna Brown, Southern Methodist University
Abby Christofferson, Southern Methodist University
Jeffrey Edwards, Portland State University
Marie Hall, Southern Methodist University
Sanda Heinz, Loyola Marymount University
Rachael Henry, Franklin and Marshall College
Lindsey Lindley, University of Washington
Benjamin Luley, Pennsylvania State University
Andrew McClellan, Muhlenberg College
Victoria Mead, Franklin and Marshall College
Kamissa Mort, Franklin and Marshall College
Jonathan Mort, Franklin and Marshall College
Sarah McCrory, Franklin and Marshall College
Kelley Satarino, University of North Texas
Olivia Spradlin, Bryn Mawr College
Ludovic Zywczak, Southern Methodist University

Master of Liberal Arts, SMU (June 21-July 3)

Patti Hawkins
Mary Phelan
Julie Russell

Any Dahm
Jason Hawkins
Virginia Lewis
Lynn Makowski, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Matt Russell


Jeff Edwards and Marie Hall after dinner at Vigna.


Left to right: Rachael Henry, Sandra Heinz, and Victoria Mead.


Left to right: Lindsey Lindley, Nicole Berastequi, Lilly Albritton, and Jeff Edwards.


Matt and Julie Russell, who met as students on this excavation in 1998,
later married and this year returned to work as graduate students.


Virginia Lewis learns to run survey instruments after an evening lecture.


* To see the SMU M.L.A. Program page, click here: MLA.

For QuickTime VR showing students digging on the site, see QuickTime VR.