Field Reports from the end of the 1999 Field Season
Gregory Warden

Report 5: July 30

It has been a very satisfying season, but one that seems far too short and leaves a feeling of anticipation for next year’s campaign. Our original long-term plan called for five years of excavation and then a study season with a publication on the first five year’s work. Things did not work out so neatly. We will need yet another season of work on the monumental building complex in order to understand its layout and nature; full excavation will take many years more. Yes, we have solved some problems this summer, but, as usual, we have also raised many more questions about this impressive and important architectural complex. The finds from the end of the season, in trenches that are just reaching the earlier strata, are also very promising: some spectacular bucchero from Trench PC15 is particularly noteworthy, as is some of the imported pottery from Trench PC14.

In the Podere Funghi the results have been very good as well. Here, the continuation of the Hellenistic destruction layer in Trench PF2 is still dramatic, with its thick layers of well-preserved fine-ware vessels. Also, the prospection in the upper terraces south-east of the site suggests the need for exploration in this area in the coming year. Already, Mark Corney is hard at work preparing an archaeotopographical map of this region. To top it all off, the salvage excavation in what we have called Trench PC18, part of what may be a pozzetto tomb washed out in a road cutting on a slope north of the poggio, indicates the need for survey and trial excavation in this region. A lot more work awaits us, and it will be an off-season of anticipation as we prepare to excavate into the new millennium.

Michael Thomas, Greg Warden, Jess Galloway, and
Justin Winkler analyze and interpret the architecture of Poggio Colla


Greg Warden and Michael Thomas show the Poggio Colla survey map to
free-lance curator Paul Harris and Jasper Neel, Dean of Dedman College at SMU


Field Reports from the end of the 1999 Field Season

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