Field Reports from the end of the 1999 Field Season
Field Supervisor Abbi Holt

Report 4: July 23

Laura Proud (left) lifts bronze nail under the watchful eye of Abbi Holt.

This week we have finally witnessed the arrival of the second of the walls that were predicted to be in this trench. This second wall, it has been speculated, is from the second phase of occupation on the hilltop. It is made of well cut and laid blocks of sandstone and runs parallel and just to the west of the later Hellenistic wall. The phase two building appears to be a slightly smaller building whose foundations are inside of the later phase.

Gillian Bearns sweeping dirt picked from between stones in Trench PC 14.

The artifacts that have come up so far from the interiors of these buildings have been decidedly non temple-like in their make up. One particular stratum is the most interesting; it contains a large amount of what appears to be metal-working debris as well as a large number of coarse earthenware ceramics. Most of the nicer finds from this stratum have been fragments of cast bronze ornaments and votive offerings. My current thought on this is that the fill we have here was brought up from the manufacturing areas just beyond the walls, to help level the temple floor. In this case the area was one of bronze manufacture.

We are now in our final week of excavation, and if tradition holds true, the most amazing and impossible to excavate find will come in the last days of work. Once again, we wait for all to be revealed.

Report 5: July 30

Gillian Bearns working in the east end of Trench PC 14 early in week
five (above) and on the Sunday before final photography (below).

Since the last report we have gotten completely down to bedrock in all but the deepest areas of the trench, and between the two walls. With this work done, the decision was made to close the trench here.

No more major discoveries were made, though hopefully upon examining the data it will contribute in more subtle ways to our understanding of the site.

One nice thing, however, was the uncovering of more Attic pottery, probably parts of the kylix of last year. Little more of the scene on the vase was found, but base and rim fragments were both excavated. These will contribute to our understanding of the vessel’s shape. Hopefully this will also be useful information with which to understand more of this site.

I would like to thank my crew and my Assistant Field Supervisor Laura Proud for working on the weekend and rather late into today to complete my trench. I could never have done it myself, nor would I have enjoyed trying.

Final view of Trench PC 14 from the east.


Final view of Trench PC 14 from the west.


Detail of Trench PC 14 from the north.


Field Reports from the end of the 1999 Field Season

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