Materials Processing in the Conservation Lab and Magazzino

The magazzino houses the conservation lab, the finds photography lab, cataloguing, illustration, and storage for finds and tools.

2007 Conservation and Illustration lab and staff:
Josiah Wagener, Allison Lewis, Wendy Walker, and Anne Hooton



Chris White, Nicole Beratesqui, and Anna Serotta in the 2006 lab


Gretchen Meyers shows a bucchero vessel to visitors


Anna Serotta conserves a bronze find from Trench PC 29


Conservation Intern Vanessa Saiz in 2005


Above and below: the 2004 lab and magazzino in Vicchio

Left to right: Karen Stamm, Amy Leach, and Mary Schafer in the lab in 2001


Cataloguing and Storage

Robert Belanger cleans and drawing finds from his trench in the pottery
shed at Vigna, before they are moved to the magazzino for processing


Gretchen Meyers catalogues finds and stores them in the magazzino



Finds are cleaned and consolidated by conservators in the lab


For field reports on the conservation lab and magazzino, see Conservation.



2005 Illustrator Anne Hooton at work

Illustrators draw catalogued and conserved objects in the magazzino. Profiles, reconstructions, and surface decorations are among the concerns of the illustrator. Drawings made to scale add to the kind of information recorded in photographs and to the information used by staff and other researchers to analyze the material culture of Poggio Colla.

Illustrator Anne Hooton drawing the hearth in Trench PC 23

Left: Kathy Windrow teaching an archaeological illustration workshop. Right: Marla Ziegler's illustration of a
bucchero lid. Drawings show the object's profile to the left and projected reconstruction to the right.



Catalogued finds are photographed in color as well as in black and white. These photographs are kept in the archives at SMU and are used for publications by the professional staff of the excavation. Finds are also photographed digitally for our CD-Rom image archives. Director Greg Warden is our official object photographer.

Director Greg Warden shoots catalogued finds for publication


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