A Photo Journal of the Landscapes and People of the Mugello Valley


Sunset over the Mugello Valley


Sunflower in field near the excavation house

The Mugello Valley in Tuscany

Vicchio and the Mugello Valley from the southwest

Casa di Giotto, birthplace of the painter Giotto,
around the corner from the excavation house

Cutting stakes for the field survey

MVAP students and staff eating at the Casa di Caccia

The Podere di Funghi below Poggio Colla

The Mugello Valley northeast from Vicchio

Vicchio from the southwest

Mugello vineyards

Mountains of the Mugello

The Ponte a Vicchio

The Cappellina Bruno near Vespignano

Cattle crossing in the Mugello

Field of sunflowers between the excavation houses in Vespignano

Cornflowers, Queen Anne's Lace, and young corn in the Podere Funghi

Rainbow over the Mugello Valley from the excavation house in Vespignano

View from the Podere Funghi up to Poggio Colla

Insider's Guide to the Mugello: a guide to some of our favorite places, including restaurants and lodging.

Environmental Issues: a landfill proposed by the city of Florence for a site in a pristine section of the Mugello Valley will destroy wildlife habitats, farmland, and drain into the watershed of the Sieve River. This page has photos of the area that will be destroyed.

The Environs: a photo journal of the Mugello Valley and its people.

Excavation Houses: Vigna, Selve, and Guardia

Technology: computers and other technology

The Lab: cataloguing, conservation, illustration, and photography

Operations: daily life of the Operations Manager and Housing Manager