Vigna: The Main Excavation House in Vespignano

View of the Mugello Valley from the lawn of Vigna


Vigna is the residence for students, and the site for lectures and workshops


The wonderful caretakers of Vigna, Bruno and Beppina Parigi


Left: Lecture hall and meeting room. Right: Dinner outside on the patio nightly.


View from the excavation house Vigna of a sunset over the Mugello Valley


Selve: Residence for Senior Staff


Guardia: Residence for Staff


Students and staff eating dinner at Guardia


Above and below: views from the excavataion house Guardia


Amalfi: Residence for Staff


Cantina: Residence for Staff


Giottino: Residence for Students and Staff

SMU M.L.S. Student Residence

The Campomazzi is one of the residences used to house M.L.S.
students who visit and sometimes work on the excavation


Technology: computers and other technology

The Lab: cataloguing, conservation, illustration, and photography

Operations: daily life of the Operations Manager and Housing Manager

The Environs: a photo journal of the Mugello Valley and its people.