Mission Statement

The research design of the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project and Poggio Colla Field School combines excavation, land survey, and archaeometry as part of an interdisciplinary regional landscape analysis of the Etruscan site of Poggio Colla and the surrounding area. The project seeks to contribute significantly to our understanding of Etruscan culture and to educate through a broad and innovative curriculum a new generation of archaeologists in the practice and theory of settlement archaeology. Through timely publication and a broad program of education and outreach the project will explicate and increase awareness of the ethical management of an endangered cultural heritage.

It is our belief that if archaeology is to survive as a discipline into the next century, it will have to develop a broader base of support and will have to change its image from an elite and esoteric discipline understood by only a chosen few. Archaeological sites are becoming endangered by pollution, construction, and human pressures that run the gamut from neglect to outright vandalism. We hope that over the years, through our field school, we will train a large number of individuals, some of whom may go on to become professional archaeologists, but most of whom, no matter what their career, will become advocates of cultural and archaeological preservation.

We partner with the comunità montana to provide excavation experience for local high school students.

From 2015 on, our official website is www.poggiocolla.org. The web archive will reside at that address instead of smu.edu/poggio. All Poggio Colla/MVAP information can be found there now.

Please follow us—and have your friends and family follow posts about trenches and people—at https://twitter.com/PoggioColla and on www.facebook.com/PoggioCollaFieldSchool.
See in depth updates under Field Season at www.poggiocolla.org. Video about MVAP and Poggio Colla Field School on YouTube: Etruscan Project.