2014 STAFF

Prof. P. Gregory Warden, Franklin University Switzerland
Dr. Michael Thomas, University of Texas at Austin

Director of Research
Prof. Ann Steiner, Franklin and Marshall College

Director of Materials
Prof. Gretchen Meyers, Franklin and Marshall College

Director of NW Slope Project
Prof. Phil Perkins, Open University (UK)

Jess Galloway, M.Arch., Booziotis and Co., Dallas

Information Technology
Prof. Kathy Windrow, SMU & Eastfield College

Consulting Scholars
Dr. Sara Bon-Harper, Executive Director of Ash Lawn-Highland
Prof. Alexis Castor, Franklin and Marshall College
Prof. Ingrid Edlund-Berry, University of Texas at Austin
Lynn Makowsky, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Prof. Stanley Mertzman, Franklin and Marshall College
Prof. Jenifer Neils, Case Western Reserve University
Prof. Robert Sternberg, Franklin and Marshall College
Dr. Angela Trentacoste, University of Sheffield
Christ White, Professional Conservator

Head Conservator
Allison Lewis, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum, Berkeley

Operations Manager
Matt Coonan

Field Supervisors
Christina McSherry, University of Georgia
Phil Perkins, Open University (UK)
Dr. Katie Rask, University of Tennessee

Field Intern
Kenzie Kaper, Franklin University Switzerland

Laboratory and Field Assistant
Benjamin Hollenbach,
University of Michigan

Conservation Intern
Heather White, MA Candidate, UCLA/Getty Conservation Program

Director Greg Warden and Ziggie


Director Michael Thomas


Gretchen Meyers, Director of Materials,
and Ann Steiner, Director of Research


Ellie Perkins and her father Phil Perkins, NW Slope Project Director


Project Architect Jess Galloway


Conservator Allison Lewis


Field Supervisor Katie Rask


Field Supervisor Christina McSherry


Richard Bidgood photo of Laboratory Fellow Benjamin Hollenbach


Kathy Windrow (Information Technology & web photos)