Ann Steiner and Matt Naiman guide 2012 students in research and drawing for field projects.


2012 students drawing finds and studying material from their trenches.


2012 students studying material from their trenches.


2011: William Nutt, Hannah Nutt, and Greg Warden studying Poggio Colla coins


Students working on research projects in the lab


Students photographing finds for their research projects


Drawing objects and analyzing typologies for the research project


Ann Steiner introduces students to pottery from the site


Students participate in a pottery workshop


Crystal Rosenthal teaches students about pottery from the site


Lynn Makowsky explains Poggio Colla paleobotanical research to students


Greg Warden introduces students to Poggio Colla metalwork


Anne Hooten and
Fiammetta Calosi teach an illustration workshop.

Roof Tiles:

An analysis of roof tiles from excavations on Poggio Colla, directed by Professor Gretchen Meyers of Rollins College, with assistance from architect Jess Galloway. See 2006 Roof Tiles and 2005 Roof Tiles.


2005 Bucchero Project: Students under the direction of Professor Greg Warden of Southern Methodist University are studying the range of shapes, typology, and chronology of bucchero elite ware from Trench PC 20 in order to shed light on the earliest period of habitation on the acropolis of Poggio Colla.

Research by Franklin and Marshall graudate Isaac Weaver attempting to establish a consistent chemical fingerprint of the ceramic products of the Podere Funghi: Geochemical Pottery Studies.

2005 Ceramics Research Group: Directed by Professor Ann Steiner of Franklin and Marshall College, this project is an inquiry into possible standardization of bowl sizes in the Podere Funghi midden.

An analysis of coarseware from our site is directed by Professor Ann Steiner of Franklin and Marshall College. See 2006 Coarseware.

"A Comparative Assessment of the Hellenistic Black-Glaze Pottery of Various Excavated Areas of Poggio Colla and the Podere Funghi" by Kacie Coughlin, Wes Court, Jessica Galeano, and Jen Polguy of Franklin and Marshall College can be found on the Franklin and Marshall Ceramics page of this website.

See the LARGE (nearly 3 Mb) pdf file of the report in poster format as originally created by the students. It may take some time to download, so if you do not have a high speed internet connection, refer to the ceramics page link above.

2007 Bucchero Project: Supervised by Prof. Jenifer Neils with additional guidance from Prof. Phil Perkins, this project is an intensive survey and analysis of Poggio Colla bucchero.

Paleoethnobotany Research:

The purpose of the paleoethnobotany project, directed by Lynn Makowsky of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, is to uncover important information about the human-plant relationship at Poggio Colla. See Paleoethnobotany project.


Professor Michael Thomas of Tufts University is directing a group of students examining the technical aspects and historical context of coinage and creating a database. See Numismatics.


Directed by Professor Greg Warden of Southern Methodist University, this student project focuses on the bronze group excavated in Trench PC 23 from 2002 to 2005. See 2006 Bronze Group and 2005 Bronze Group.

Museum Exhibition Design:

Directed by Professor Michael Thomas of Tufts University and Jess Galloway of Booziotis & Company Architects, this student project focuses on the exhibition and installation of archaeological materials in a regional museum setting. See Museum Project.


A list of references on Etruscan studies: Bibliography.

Anna Weerasinghe working her individual research project


Left: Jack Carlson advises Lisa Li on her research project. Right: Isa St. Clair


Left: Mike Guarino studying finds for his project. Right: Joanna Kowalski researching in the lab