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The New Caruth Hall

Opportunities to Give

Exterior Naming Options

South Wing Named First Floor

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Palmer Engineering Leadership Complex
East Wing $5,000,000
Amphitheater Named
Hillcrest Foundation Amphitheater

First Floor

Auditorium Named
Vester Hughes Auditorium
Mabee Foundation Foyer
Innovation Gymnasium $2,000,000
Home of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® Lab
Idea Room $50,000
Director’s Office $50,000
Kamp Faculty Office Named
Distance Education Center
Distance Education Classrooms (4) $100,000*
Office $25,000
Student Study Center $50,000
(Open Access Computer Area)
Student Alcoves (2) Named
Lavell Family Student Alcove
Len Paton Student Alcove
*Amount per space  

Second Floor

Mary Alice and Mark Shepherd, Jr. Atrium Named Second Floor

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Caruth Institute for Engineering Education
M. Catherine Zollars, Ph.D., Board Room Named
Susan and Thomas Armstrong Director’s Office Named
Graduate Student Workspace $100,000
Sargent Conference Room Named
Breakout Space $25,000*
Shuford Faculty Office Named
Offices (6) $25,000*
Center for Engineering Leadership
Accenture Reception Named
Director’s Office $50,000
XC Networks Conference Room Named
Offices (3) $25,000*
Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity
Director’s Office $50,000
Hopkins Faculty Office Named
Offices (2) $25,000*
Student Alcoves (2) Named
Orsak Family Student Alcove
Lewis and Valerie McMahan Student Alcove
*Amount per space  

Third Floor

Engineering Management, Information and Systems Department Third Floor

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Office Suite $500,000
Department Chair’s Office $50,000
Helgason Faculty Office Named
Faculty Offices (12) $25,000*
Work Room $25,000
TA/RA Office $25,000
Graduate and Corporate Education
Office Suite $200,000
Offices (7) $25,000*
TA/RA Office $25,000
Board Room Named

Richard and Barbara Rotto Leadership Development Board Room

Conference Room Named
Cullum Family Conference Room
Computer Labs (2) $200,000*
Distance Education Classrooms (3) $100,000*
Systems and Software Engineering
Office Suite $200,000
Director’s Office $50,000
Office $25,000
*Amount per space  

Fourth Floor

Computer Science and Engineering Department Fourth Floor

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Office Suite $500,000
Perry Conference Room Named
Chair’s Office $50,000
Faculty Offices (18) $25,000*
Future Center for Information Security
Director’s Office $50,000
Palmer Conference Center for Engineering Leadership Named
Jack W. Harkey Student Advising Center Named
Offices (4) $25,000*
Lab Spaces (2) $250,000*
*Amount per space  

Engineering Leadership

The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering is committed to developing the new American engineer, one prepared to excel and lead in creating new economic opportunities while addressing the most difficult challenges facing society. The school recognizes the vital need to strengthen our nation's educational system, specifically in the areas of engineering, science, math and technology.

Housed in the new Caruth Hall, the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education will deliver the creative engineering curricula and programs necessary for grade school students through working engineers to compete and lead.

To be a part of the SMU Lyle School of Engineering's vision for innovation, contact or 214-768-4136.