Tablet 1 Transcription and Translation
Transcription and Translation by Samuel Feigin, 1933-34.

A. V. Lane Museum, Tablet, No. 1, 15th Shebat, 12th Year of Samsu-iluna (1900 B.C.)


(l) 3(?) 1/2 sa[r] -d-[a]
(2) d[a] Ilu-u-na-si-ir [du]mu Im-[gur]-dama
(3) [ d]a Ilu-u-na-si-ir dumu [Im-gur-dama]
(4) sag-bi
(5) sag-bi II-kam-ma Ilu-u-na-si-[ir]
(6) Ilu-su-na-si-ir dumu [Im-gur-dama]
(7) ki Ilu-u-na-si-ir dumu Im-[gur-d]ama
(8) IHa-am-mu-ra-bi-ri-im-[ili?] dumu dSn-ma-gir
(9) in-i-m
(10) m-til-la-bi-
(11) 6 1/2 gn k-babbar in-na-an-lal
(12) u4-kr- Ilu-u-na-si-ir
(13) ibila-a-ni a-na me-a-bi
(14) - g-nu-um-m-m-a
(15) mu dMarduk dGu-la Sa-am-su-i-lu-na lugal
(16) in-p-d-e
(17) igi Gi-mil dMarduk dumu Be-l-ilu guda
(18) igi dAdad-qar-na-a-a dumu Ib-ni-dAdad
(19) igi A-at-ta-a dumu a-lu-ru-um
(20) igi A-bi1-dama dumu Im-gur-dama
(21) igi Ha-am-mu-ra-bi-ra-ap-pa-u-nu
(22) dumu Si-li-li
(23) igi T-ab-silli-dMarduk dumu dSn-ma-gir
(24) igi -a-ga-mil dumu I1u-1i-tl
(25) itu Zz-a u4 15-kam
(26) mu Sa-am-su-i-lu-na lugal-e
(27) kur-g-si-a an-ga-m
(28) mu-da-bal-e -kal-mah dMarduk-kiib Ha-am-mu-ra-bi-ra-ap-pa- [su-nu]

Seals.--On the tablet:
dumu Im-gar-dama
arad dNin-ubur(?)
On the case:
dumu Ib-ni-dAdad
arad dAdad


(1) 3 1/2(7) sars of built house
(2) by the side of the house of Ilushu-nasir, the son of  Imgur-Shamash,
(3) and by the side of the house of Ilushu-nasir, the son of Imgur-Shamash;
(4) its front
(5) its second front Ilushu-nasir
(6) the house of Ilushu-nasir, the son of Imgur-Shamash,
(7) from Ilushu-nasir, the son of Imgur-Shamash,
(8) Hammurabi-rim-[ili?], the son of Sin-magir,
(9) has bought from him.
(10) As its full price
(11) 6 1/2 shekels of silver he has weighed to him
(12) That in any future day Ilushu-nasir
(13) and his heirs, whosoever,
(14) concerning the house shall not contest,
(15) by the name of  Marduk, Gula, and Samsu-iluna, the king,
(16) they swore.
(17) Before Gimil-Marduk, the son of Beli-ilu, the anointer;
(18) before Adad-qarnaia, the son of Ibni-Adad;
(19) before Att, the eon of Shalurum;
(20) before Abil-Shamash, the son of Imgur-Shamash,
(21) before Hammurabi-rappashunu,
(22) the son of Silili;
(23) before Tab-sil1i-Marduk, the son of Sin-magir;
(24) before Ea-gamil, the son of Ilu-litu1.
(25) The month Shebat, the 15th day,
(26) the year (naned after that) Samsu-iluna, the king,
(27) the entire foreign country which as well
(28) has revolted against him by the lofty power of Marduk .... The seal of Hammurappashunu

Seals.--On the tablet:
the son of Imgur-Shamash,
the servant of Nin-shubur.
On the case:
the son of Ibni-Adad,
the servant of Adad
and of Shala.

Samuel I. Feigin. "A Babylonian Contract." Journal of the American Oriental Society 55 (1935): 284-293, 286-287. Transcription of Tablet 1. Enlargement

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