Bibles Purchased with Grants from the Harrison Trust

(Under Development)

313. Merbecke, John. A concorda[n]ce, that is to saie, a worke wherein by the ordre of the letters of the A.B.C. ye maie redely finde any worde conteigned in the whole Bible so often as it is there expressed or mencioned. London, Richard Graf ton, 1550. STC 17300. 00355

314. Bible. English. Bishops’ Bible. Second folio edition, 1572. London, Richard Iugge, 1572. A remarkable feature of this edition is its two—version Psalter (the Psalter of the BCP and the Psalter of the Bishops’ translation). DM 96. 00356

315. Bible. English. Bishops’ Bible. Third folio edition, 1574. London, Richard Iugge, 1574. STC 2109; Herbert 137. 00357

316. Bible. N. T. English. Rheims. 1589. The text of the New Testament of Iesvs Christ translated out of the vulgar Latine by the papists of the traiterous seminarie at Rhemes ... whereunto is added the translation out of the original Greeke. . .by William Fulke. London, By the Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1589. STC 2888; Herbert 202. 00358

317. Hall, Basil. The Great Polyglot Bibles, including a leaf from the Complutensian of Alcala, 1514—17... Sand Francisco, pub. for its members by the Book Club of California, 1966. 00359

318. Fry, Francis. A bibliographical description of the editions of the New Testament. . . London, H. Sotheran, 1878. 00360

319. The Texte of the New Testament of Iesvs Christ translated out of the vulgar Latine by the Papists of the traiterous Seminarie at Rhemes... whereunto is added the translation out of the original Greeke. . .with a Confvtation of all svch arguments.. .by W. Fulke. London, Printed for Iohn Bill, 1617. STC 1l431a; Herbert 359. 00361

320. Bible. Matthew version. The Byble, that is to saye, all the Holye Scripture. [London, Printed by Nicholas Hall?, 1551]. STC 2083. 00362

321. Bible. Authorized. The Holy Bible. . . facsimile of 1611. Cleveland, World Publishing Co., [1965]. No. 293 of 1500 copies. 00363

322. Kingdom, J. A. Incidents in the lives of Thomas Poyntz and Richard Graf ton, two citizens and grocers of London.. . Privately printed by Rixon & Arnold, London, 1895. 00364
Kingdom, J. A. Richard Graf ton, citizen and grocer of London. . . a sequel to Poyntz and Grafton, London, privately printed by Rixon and Arnold, 1901. Included are the eight leaves of Florence Kingsford’s illuminations on vellum which are her adaptations of portions of the Great Bible of 1539. 00365 00366

323. Golden Cockerel Gospels. The Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ.. .with decorations by Eric Gill. [Waltham Saint Lawrence, Berkshire], Printed and published at the Golden Cockerel Press, 1931. 00367

324. Facsimile of the Robert Aitken Bible. The Holy Bible as printed by Robert Aitken and approved & recommended by the Congress of the United States of America in 1782. New York, Arno Press, 1968. 00368

325. Facsimile of the woodcuts of the Lubeck Bible. Die 92 Holzschnitte der Lubecker Bible aus dem Jahre 1494. . .hrsg. von Dr. Hans Wahl. Verlag Weimer, G. Kiepenheuer, 1917. No. 18 of a special issue of 25 (total limited edition of 550). 00369

326. Botfield, Beriah. Some account of the first English Bible... [London?, privately printed by Whittingham, 1855.] 00370

327. The Bodoni Gospels. Bible. The Holy Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. [Verona, editiones officinae Bodoni, 1962.] 00371

328. Bible. N. T. Greek. Tes kaires diathekes apanta: eu aggelion. Paris, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1550. 00372

329. Bible. English. Taverner’s and Tyndale’s versions. The Byble, that is to say, al the holy Scripture conteined in the olde & new Testament... Imprinted at London, Ihon Day, 1551. STC 2088; Herbert 93. 00373

330. Bible. Bible. Latin. 1489. Vulgate. Biblia Latina. Venice, Bonetus Locatellus for Octavaianus Scotus, 1489. 2 volumes of 4. Goff B 616. 00374 00375

331. Bible. Italian. Biblia Volgare la quale in se contiene i sacrosanti libri dcl Vecchio et Nuovo Testamento.. .Venetia, Aurelio Pincio, 1553. DM 5588. 00376

332. Bible. Latin. Biblia ad Vetustissima exemplaria nunc recens castigata... Venetiis, Apud Haeredes Nicolai Beviliquae & socios, 1576. 00377

333. Bible. N. T. English. Witham. Annotations on the New Testament.. .[Douai, Robert Witham, 1730.] 2v. Herbert 1009. 00378 00379

334. Bibliorum Sacrorum Vulgatae editionis editio Clero Gallicano.. .Parisiis, Excudebat Fr. Amb. Didot, 1785. 8 volumes. 00380-00387

335. Bible. The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. London, Darton and Harvey, 1792. Extra—illustrated, all leaves remounted on larger sheet, making two volumes. 00388 00389

336. Bible. New Testament. Le Nouveau Testament en Latin et en Francais, traduit par Sacy. Edition ornee de figures gravees sur les dessins de Moreau le jeune. Paris, Chez Saugrain, 1793—98. 5 volumes. 00390-00394

337. Bible. N. T. Le Nouveau Testament...edition stereotype. Paris, de
1’Imprimerie de Firmin Didot, 1813. DM 3841. 00395

338. Schott, Johann. Concordantz des Newen Testaments zu Teutsch... Strassburg, Hans Schotten zum Thyergarten, 1524. First German concordance. 00396

339. Bible. N. T. The Gospel according to Saint Luke, with illustrations by Hans Foy. Washington, D. C., Judd and Detweiler, 1930. Copy no. 58, signed by Foy. 00397-00401

340. Bible. N.T. Evangile selon Saint—Luc, traduit par le Maistre de Sacy, orne de gravures sur bois par Jules Chadel. . .[Paris?], Pro Amicis, 1932. 00402

341. Bible. N.T. The Revelation of Saint John the Divine. [Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Eng], Gregynog Press, 1932. No. 156. 00403

342. Bible. Latin, ca. 1454—55. Mainz. Gutenberg Bible. [New York, Brussel & Brussel, 1968]. Three volumes. 00404

343. The Pamplona Bibles; a facsimile compiled from two picture Bibles with martyrologies commissioned by King Sancho el Fuerte of Navarra...New Haven, Yale University Press, 1970. 2 v. 00405

344. Bible. 0.T. The Book of Genesis. King James Bible. Kentfield, Calif., Allen Press, 1970. 00406

345. The Lorsch Gospels: a facsimile edition comprising two parts from the Biblioteca Documentara Batthyaneum in Alba Julia, Rumania, and the
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana in Rome. New York, George Braziller, 1967. 00407

346. Bible. N.T. Epistles and Gospels, Liturgical. Italian. Nannini. 1569. Epistole et Evangelii. . .Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito, 1569. 00408

347. The Gorleston Psalter, a manuscript of the 14th century in the library of C. W. Dyson Perrins. Described in relation to other East Anglican books of the period by Sydney C. Cockerell. London, Chiswick Press, 1907. 00409

348. Dead sea scrolls. Scrolls from Qumran Cave I: The Great Isaiah Scroll, the Order of the Community, The Pesher to Habakkuk, from photographs by John C. Trevor. Jerusalem, the Aibright Institute of Archeological Research and The Shrine of the Book, 1972. 00410

349. Bible. Manuscripts, Greek. O.T. Psalms. Psalterium Graecum e Codice Ms. Alexandrino.. . cura et labore Henrici Herveii Baber... Londini, ex prelo Ricardi Taylor et Socii, 1812. Printed on vellum. DM 4789. 00411

350. Lord’s prayer. Polyglot. Oratio Dominica in CLV. linguas, versa et
exoticis characteribus. . .
Parma, Typis Bodonianis, 1806. 00412

351. Lord’s prayer. Polyglot. Oratio Dominica CL linguis versa.. .edente J. J. Marcel. Paris, Typis Impeialibus, 1805. 00413 00414

352. Lord’s prayer. Polyglot. Oratio Dominica in diversas omnium fere gentium linguas versa..., editore Joanne Chamberlaynio. Amsterdam, Typis Guilielmi & Davidis Georei, 1715. 00415

353. Bible. N.T. English. Tyndale. (1526). 1976. [New Testament]. London, D. Paradine Developments, 1976. Facsimile copy of the first printed English New Testament —— that of William Tyndale. 00416

354. Simon, Richard. A critical history of the text of the New Testament... London, R. Taylor, 1689. Part II: The critical history of the versions of the New Testament.. .London, printed for Tho. Newborough ... and Tho. Bennet, 1692. 00417 00418

355. IDION VERLAG Gutenberg Bible facsimile. 3 volumes. 00419

356. Everson Psalter: Novum Psalterium P11 XII, an unfinished folio of the Psalms by Brother Antoninus, O.P. Los Angeles, 1955. 00420

357. Bible. Hawaiian. 1839. Ka Palapala Hemolele A Jehova Ko Kakou Akua. Oahu, Na na misionari i pai, 1839. bound with Bible. N.T. Hawaiian. 1838. Ke Kanoha Hou A Ko Kakou Haku E Ola’i, A Jeou Kristo (The New Testament) 00421

358. The Bible in every land ... London, Samuel Bagster and Sons, [1860]. 00422

359. William Fling, Firm, publisher. The illustrated polyglot family Bible [dummy]... Philadelphia, William Flint, c1869. 00423

360. North, Eric McCoy. The book of a thousand tongue ... New York, published for the American Bible Society [by] Harper & brothers, 1938. 00424

361. Bible. English. Selections. 1852. A new hieroglyphical Bible ... New York, J. C. Riker, 1852. 00425

362. Bible. English. Selections. 1820. Scripture history: a new hieroglyphical Bible ... London, S. Carvalho, [1820?]. 00426

363. Bible. English. Selections. 1873. The illuminated scripture text book ... London, Frederick Warne & Co; New York, Scribner, Welford, and Armstrong, [1873]. 00427

364. Bible. English. Selections. 1840. A new hieroglyphic Bible ... Derby [Eng], Thomas Richardson, [1830?]. 00428

365. Bible. English. Selections. 1840. A new hieroglyphic Bible ... [New York, Blakeman & Mason, 1840?]. 00429

366. Bible. O. T. Hebrew. Reineccius. 1793. Biblia Hebraica olim ... Lipsiae, I. G. I. Breitkopfii et soc., 1793. 00430

367. Bible. English. Geneva version. 1582. The Bible, that is, The Holy Scriptvres conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament ... London, Christopher Barker, 1582. 00431

368. Berkowitz, David Sandler. In Remembrance of creation: evolution of art and scholarship in the Medieval and Renaissance Bible. Waltham, Mass., Brandeis University Press, [1968]. 00432

369. Bible. English. Selections. 1849. A new hieroglyphical Bible ... New York, J. C. Riker, 1849. 00433

370. Bible. English. Selections. 1837. A new hieroglyphical Bible ... New York, Harper & Brothers, 1837. 00434

371. Bible. English. Selections. 1814. The hieroglypick Bible ... Boston, Isaiah Thomas, 1814. 00435

372. Bible. Danish. 1872. Bibelen, eller Den Hellige Skrift ... Coln, Brittiske og Udenlandske ... 1872. 00436

373. Bible. Arabic. Van Dyck. 1869. [al-Kitab al-Muqaddas=The Holy Bible]. [Oxford, British and Foreign Bible Society, 1869]. 00437

374. Bible. Manuscripts, Greek. Codex Alexandrinus. The Codes alexandrinus ... in reduced photographic facsimile. London, British Museum, 1909-1957. v.1 (N.T., v.2) (O.T., pt.1) 00440 00441

375. Bible. English. Revised. 1889. The Holy Bible ... 1611, revised ... 1881 and 1885 compared ... by Rufus Wendell. Boston, Ira Bradley, 1889, c1885. 00444

376. Bible. O.T. Johah. English. 1530?. (1863). The Prophete Jonas ... London, Willis and Sotheran; Briston, Lasbury, 1863. Includes Tyndale’s and Coverdale’s version of Johah. 00445

377. Bible. O.T. Psalms. English. Coverdale. (1535). 1935. The Coverdale Psalter ... Chicago, Printed for the Caxton Club, 1935. 00446

378. Bible. O.T. Ruth. English. 1910. Authorized. The Book of Ruth ... New York, Dodge Publishing Company, [1910]. 00447

379. Bible. N.T. Creek. 1906. Pu pucase momet pu hesayec Cesvs Klist en Testement Mucvsat ... New York, American Bible Society, 1906. 00048

380. Bible. N.T. English. Revised. 1881. The New Testament ... by Roswell D. Hitchcock. American version. 2nd impression. New York, Fords, Howard & Hulbert, 1881. 00449

381. Bible. N.T. English. Sawyer. 1858. The New Testament ... Boston, J.P. Jewett, Cleveland, O., H.P.B. Jewett, 1858. 00450

382. Bible. N.T. Micmac. Selections. 1875. [The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke: with the Epistles and Revelation, translated from the Greek into Micmac ... Halifax, Nova Scotia Printing Company, 1875]. 00451

383. Bible. N.T. Gospels. English. 1911. The Holy Gospel ... New York, Chicago [etc], Fleming H. Revell Company, [c1911]. 00452

384. Book of Mormon. The book of Mormon, an account written by the hand of Mormon upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi. Salt Lake City, Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1920. 00453

385. Browne, Lewis. The graphic bible from Genesis to Revelation in animated maps & charts by Lewis Browne. New York, Macmillan, 1928. 00454

386. Lanckisch, Friedrich. Concordantiae Bibliorum germanic-hebraico-graecae ... Leipzig und Franckfurth, in Verlegung der Lanckischen Erben, 1718. 00442 00443

387. Paine, Gustavus Swift. The learned men. New York, Crowell, [1959]. 00455

388. Webster, Noah. An American dictionary of the English language ... New York, S. Converse, 1828. 2 vols. 00438 00439

389. Bible. N.T. Polish. Gdansk. 1858. Nowy Testament ... W Lipsku, W Drukarni Karla Tauchnica, 1858. 00456

390. Bible. English. Authorized. 1795. The Holy Bible ... London, R. Bowyer, 1795. 00457 00458

391. Giorda, Joseph. Lu tel kaimintis kolinzuten kuitlt smiimii = Some narratives, from the Holy Bible ... [St. Ignatius], Monatana, St Ignatius Press, 1879. 00459

392. Bible. Welsh. Between 1815-1826. Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan, sef, Yr Hen Destament a’r Newydd. Llundain, Argaffedig gan George Eyre ac Andrew Strahan, [between 1815-1826]. 00460

393. British Museum. Guide to the manuscripts and printed books exhibited in celebration of the tercentenary of the authorized version. [London], printed by order of the trustees, 1911, reprinted 1927. 00461

394. Bible. Latin (Old Latin). (1743). 1981. Bibliorum Sacrorum Latinae versiones antiquae ... Turnhout, Belgium, Brepolis, 1981. 3 vols. 00462 00463 00464

395. Bible. N.T. Greek. 1751, 1752. He Kaine Diatheke ... Johann Jacob Wettstein, ed. [....]Officina Dommeriana, 1751, 1752. 2 vols. 00465 00466

396. Bible. O.T. Genesis. English. Authorized. 1914. The book of Genesis ... illustrated after drawings by F. Cayley Robinson. London, Philip Lee Warner, publisher to the Medici Societye, 1914. 00467

397. Bible. O.T. Psalms. 1982. The Psalms of David, illuminated by James S. Freemantle. New York, William Morrow, 1982. 00468

398. Bible. O.T. Song of Solomon. English. Blaschker. 1949. The Song of Songs which is Solomon’s. with the Praise of charity ... Berlin, Erich Blaschker, 1949. [Only copy known] 00469

399. The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments ...; Together with the Psalter, ... London, John Reeves; Sold by G. and W[...] Booksellers to his Majesty, 1802. [Double fore-edge painting] 00470

400. Sparrow, Anthony. A rationale upon the Book of Common-Prayer of the Church of England ... with h[...] to his diocese against false doctrines. [...] printed for E. Pawlet, 1704. [Single fore-edge painting] 00471

401. Tate, Nahum, and Nicholas Bray. A new [...] of the Psalms of David, fitted to the tunes use [...] churches ... London, Printed by M. Clark, for the Company of Stationers, 1696. 00472

402. Episcopal Church. Book of Common Prayer. 1845. The Book of common prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments ... Hartford, S. Andrus & Son, 1845. 00473/A

403. Bible. English. Authorized. 1877. The Holy Bible ... Oxford, The University Press, London, New York, H. Frowde, [1877]. Prese[...] copy: Gen. and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant. 00474

404. Bible. English. 1846. The illuminated Bible ... New York, Harper, 1846. 00475

405. Bible. Latin. Tremellius. 1580? Testamentum Veteris Biblia sacra sive Libri Canonici ... London [...]cudebat Henricus Middletonus, Impensis J. H., 1580?. 00476