Georg Steindorff Collection
Material in File-boxes

Compiled by Dieter Müller, 1970’s

Ägypt. Altertum Geschichte

• XIX Dynasty, 1350 (Haremhab) – 1200 BC; mss
• Ägyptische Geschichte im Überblick, (A Survey of Egyptian History); mss
• The Foreign (elements) in the 18th Dynasty, (Tell-el-Amarna); mss
• XVIII Dynasty; mss
• Beginning of XVIII Dynasty to the End of Thutmosis I; mss
• Ethiopia, Assyria (25th Dyansty); also XXVI Dynasty; mss


• Crum-Steindorff: Coptic Legal Documents
• Translations of various “bills of sale,” such as:

Sale of piece of real estate from Perate to Taron
Sale of piece of real estate from Perate and Esther to Taron
Sale of piece of real estate from David to Solomon

• Coptic Papyri (many books), (from British Museum)

The New Egypt in Sudan

• The New Egypt, Introduction
• The New Egypt, (The French Expedition)

Ägyptische Kunstgeschichte

• Introduction to the History of Egyptian Art; mss
• The Temple; mss
• The House of the Manager of (Coro) Herds belonging to the Sun-God (Haus der Verstehers der Rinderherden des Sonnengottes); mss
• Houses; mss
• Graves; mss
• Architecture, City and Fortress; mss
• Architecture, Pyramids, Temples of the Dead, Birbân-el-molak; mss
• The Palace of Merenptah in Memphis; mss and picture
• Architecture (miscellaneous); mss, etc.
• Architecture, The Middle Kingdom; mss
• Temple; 2 mss
• Architecture (notes and materials), Introduction and Elements
• Graves (notes)
• Breasted’s Syllabus on Egyptian Art
• House of Amarna, picture and mss

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4. Roeder’s review of Erman’s Die Ägyptische Religion
5. Egyptology, Roeder
6. Dwelling-Houses in Egypt, Pleyte
7. Obituary, Piehl; French
8. An inscribed fragment of wood from Thebes, Price; English
9. Letter, Piehl; German
10. Notes on Egyptian Philology, Piehl; French
11. Une Inscription de L’Epoque Saïte, Piehl; French
12. 18de Jaar Van Koning Tosertasis, Pleyte; Dutch
13. Notes upon some Egyptian Antiquities in my collection, Price; English
14. Textes Égyptiens Inédits, Piehl; French
15. Notes on Egyptian Philology, Piehl, French
16. Notes on the Antiquities from Bubastis (Tel Basta), Price; English
17. La Naja, Pleyte; French
18. Ancient and Hither-developing Egyptian “Lion-hunt-Palette,” Ranke; English
19. Thebes Fruilles de L-Institut Francais D’Archéologie Orientale, Robichon and Varille; French
20. Médamoud…., Robichon and Varille; French
21. The Stela of Basilicogrammaten Shay in the Egyptian Collection at Wien, Reinisch; German
22. Reviews of: Pritschard’s Palestinian Figurines in Relation to Goddesses Known thru Literature; English
Finegan, Light from the Ancient Past; English
Mode, Indische Frühkulturen & ihre Beziehungen zum Westen; German
Steindorff, Catalogue of the Egyptian Sculpture in the Waters Art Gallery; English
23. An Egyptian Relief at Princeton, Ranke; German
24. Nouvelles Listes de Proscription Dutanb Du Moyen Empire, Posener; French
25. The Board-Games of the Ancient Egyptians and their Meaning for the Egyptian Cult of the Dead, Pieper; German
26. Lettre à Mr. Le Redacteur, Piehl; French
27. La Déesse Chenit, Piankoff; French
28. A Late Ptolemaic Statue of Hathor from Her Temple at Dendereh, Ranke; English
29. Le pot à Baume et le coeur, Pleyte; French
30. The Shifting of a Demotic sign from the beginning of a word to the end, Reich; German
31. The Myth of the war (struggle) of Horus with Seth in the Sallier Papyrus, Reich; German
32. An unusual statue-type of the Middle Kingdon, Gregoriana; German
33. A Late Ptolemaic Statur of Hathor from Her Temple at Dendereh, Ranke; English
34. A late Saïtic Statue in Philadelphia, Ranke; German
35. A “Picture of a Seated Figure” (Sitzbild) from late Old Kingdon in the Collection of the Heidelberg Egyptological Institute, Ranke; German
36. Glass and Glazes from Ancient Egypt, Riefstahl; English
37. Les Douanes de La Méditerranée Dans L’Egypt Saïte, Posener; French
38. The Nippur Library, Peters; English
39. Towards Principles in the (scholarly) Investigation (research) of Legend, Philippson; German
40. A Temple with a Pillar-encirclement at Karnak, Picke; German
41. Les Noms Propres Égyptiens, Ranke; French
42. Egyptian Philology, Renouf; English
43. An Historical Picture of the Ancient Egyptian, Ranke; German
44. The Egyptian Temple; Rochemonteix; French
45. Les Criminels Débaptisés et Les Morts Sans Noms, Posener; French
46. La Signe (Inscription), Posener; French
47. Faits Nouveaux, Discussions, Posener; French
48. Section Finale D’Une Sagesse Inconnue, Posener; French
49. Les Signes Noirs Dans Les Rubriques, Posener; French
50. A Coptic Roundel in the Brooklyn Museum, Riefstahl; English

1. The Fertile Crecent, Art and History of Bible Lands as illustrations in the Walters Art Gallery, Hill; English
2. The Discovery (thing found) in the Temple of Byblos and the determination of its date, von Bissing; German

Ägyptische Kunst – A

1. An Egyptian Portrait of an Old Man, Riefstahl; English
2. Egyptian Art, a list of books (bib); English
3. Ancient Egyptian Animals, Phillips; English
4. An Important Accession to the Egyptian Collection of the Brooklyn Museum; English
5. Romano-Coptic Egypt and the Culture of Meroë, Dunham; English
6. A Statue Formerly at Uriage, Dunham; English
7. Egyptian Statuettes, Scott; English
8. Egyptian Statues, Scott; English
9. Old Kingdom Sculpture, Smith; English
10. A Collection of E-Seals and Seal-Amulets in the Brooklyn Museum; English
11. Sculpture, Head; English
12. Une Stèle D’Amenemouia, Prte-Sandales Du Fils Royal Merimes, Varille; French
13. Les Trois Sarcophages Du Fils Royal Merimes, Varille; French
14. An Egyptian Bas-Relief of the Roman Period, Drioton; English
15. Accession notice of new statue, Brooklyn Museum Bulletin; English
16. Egyptian Portrait-Sculpture, Scharff; English
17. God and King in Egyptian Group-Sculpture, Scharff; German
18. Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Lansing; English
19. Toilet Articles from Ancient Egypt, Riefstahl; English
20. La Ceinture en Or Récemment Découverte À Sakkarah, Drioton; French
21. Scharff’s review of Pendlebury’s book, Aegyptica; German
22. Bronze-Making in Ancient Egypt; English
23. The Building of the Great Pyramid (Life); English
24. Qúelques Caractéristiques Du Temple Pharonique, Varille; French
25. Une Stele De La 1re Periode Intermediare Comportant Un Hierogylphe Nouveau, Clère; French
26. Sinouhé (Sinuhe) en Syrie, Clère; French
27. The Origin of some unidentified Old Kingdom Reliefs, Smith; English
28. The Murch Collection of Egyptian Antiquities, Metropolitan Museum of Art; English
29. A Colossal Statue of the 19th Dynasty, S. Smith; English
30. The Cult-Room of Prince Kanjnjswt, Art Museum at Wien, Junker; German
31. Egyptian Statues and Statuettes, Winlock; English
32. C. R. William’s review of Davis’ and Gardiner’s Ancient Egyptian Paintings; English
33. The Meggido Ivories, John Wilson; English

1. Three Early Saïte Tomb Reliefs, Cooney; English
2. A Souvenir of Napoleon’s Trip to Egypt, Cooney; English
3. J. J. Clère’s review of Frankfort’s Kingship and the Gods; French
4. La Stèle D’un Commissaire De Police De La Première Periode Intermédiare; French
5. Le Système Des Dècades Du Calendrier Du Louvre, Clère; French
6. Clère’s review of Grapow: Studien zu den Annalen Tutmosis…; French
7. Une Nouvelle Forme Verbale Relative En Égyptien, Clère; French
8. Nouveaux Documents Relatifs Au Culte Des Colosses De Ramses II Dans Le Delta, Clère; French
9. Une Statuette Du Fils Aîné Du Roi Nectanabô, Clère; French
10. A. Scharff’s review of Carter: Tut-ench-Amun; German
11. Notes Sur Quelques Figures Égyptienes, Clédat; French
12. Une Monnaie D’Or À Légendes Hieroglyphiques Trouvée En Égypt, Chassinat; French
13. Article by W. E. Crum on reading a certain inscription; English
14. Acrostiches Et Mots Croisés Des Anciens Égyptiens, Clère; French
15. ---
16. A Stele of the XIIIth Dynasty, Crum; English
17. Un Texte Astronomique De Tanis, Clère, French
18. Clère’s review of Janssen: De traditioneele Egyptische autobiographie vóór het Nieuwe Rijk; French
19. Une Nouvelle Forme Du Nom D’Horus De Neb-Hepet-Re Mentouhotep II, Clère, French
20. L’Expression “Dns’ Mhwt” des Autobiographies Egyptiennes, Clère; French
21. La Phrase non-verbale en ancien égyptien, Clère; French
22. Sur un emploi parallèle des prepositions arabe litéral bi_ et ancien egyptien, Clère; French
23. The Byzantine Exhibition in Baltimore, the Coptic Sections, Cooney; English
24. À Propos Du Mot (egypt. Inscript.) De L’Inscription de Nikhebou, Clère; French
25. Sur un Nom du Wadi Maghâra (Sinai), Clère; French
26. A Note on the Grammatical Gender of the Names of Towns, Clère; French
27. Sur un Passage de la Stele Louvre C1, Clère; French
28. The Place of Egypt in the History of Civilization, Capart; French
29. The Centennial of Champollion’s Decipherment of Hieroglyphics, Capart; French
30. Figurines Égyptiennes D’Envoûtement, Capart; French
31. Le “Pseduo-Gilgamesh”…., Capart; French
32. Un Graffito du Roi Djet Dans le Dèsert Arabique, Clère; French
33. Review by Jean Capart of Steindorff’s Aniba, Band II; French
34. Une Tombe Inviolée de la XVIIIe Dynastie…dans Le Fayoûm, Chassinat; French
35. Critique d’une Critique, Chassinat; French
36. Le Livre de Protéger la Barque Divine, Chassinat; french
37. Rapport Sommaire sur les fouilles de la Foundation Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth À El-Kab, Capart; French
38. Quelques Ostrica Hiératiques Inédits de thebes au Musée du Caire, Cerný; French
39. Notes d’Onomastique A Propos du Dictionnaire des Noms de Personnes de H. Ranke, Clère; French
40. Review by Clère of H. Ranke, Die Ägyptische Personennamen; French
41. Sur une Représentation du Dieu Oukh, Chassinat; French

1. La Phrase Nominale en copte, Vergote; French
2. A Coptic Expression for “Pentecost,” Till; English
3. Un Monument Inédit de Ramses VII au Musée du Louvre, D’Abradie; French
4. Une Statue d’Ibis, Vandier; French
5. A Propos d’un Groupe du Sérapéum du Memphis Conservé au Musée du Louvre, Vandier; French
6. Review by Neugebauer of I. Velinovsky: Worlds in Collision; English
7. Review by Vandier of Junker, Pyramidenzeit: Das Wesen der altägyptischen Religion; French
7. Review by Vandier of Spiegel, Soziale und Weltanschauliche Reformbewegungen in Alten Aegypten; French
8. A Propos des Pyramides de Snefrou, Varille; French
8. The Oath of Ancient Egypt, Wilson; English
9. (Obituary) Victor Loret (1859-1946), Varille; French
10. A propos des Bustes de Laraires, D’Abbadie; French
11. Deux Bases de Djedthotefankh a Karnak (Commentaries), Varille; French
12. Deux Bases de Djedthotefankh a Karnak, Varille; French
13. Quelques Notes sure le Sanctuaire Axial du Grand Temple d’Amon a Karnak, Varille; French
14. Hierakonpolis et les origines de l’Egypte, Weil; French
15. Le Vase de Phaestos (Un document de l’histoire du monde creto-asianique, Weil; French
16. Inscriptions Egyptiennes du Sinai, Weil; French
17. Question de l’Ecriture Lineaire dans la Mediterranee Prinitive, Weil; French
18. Deux Nouveaux Ostraca Figures, D’Abbadie; French
19. Obsidian, Wainwright; English
20. El Hibah and Esh Shurafa and Their Connection with Herakleopolis and Cusae, Wainwright; English
21. The Aniconic Form of Amon in the New Kingdom, Wainwright; English
22. Biographical Memoir of J. H. Breasted by John A. Wilson; English
23. Religion and Egypt, Wiedeman; English
24. The Temple of King Sethos I at Abydos (Calverley, Broome, and Gardiner), reviewed by C. R. Williams; English
25. The Stela of Menthu-Weser, Ransom; English
26. Description Sommaire du Sanctuaire Oriental d’Amon Re a Karnak, Varille; French
27. Quarte Nouveaux Temples Thebains, Varille et Robichon; French
28. Der Traum des Königs Nektonabos, Wilcken; German
29. Henry Walters 1848-1931, an address by W. H. Kent; English
30. Bronze Circles and Purification Vessels in Egyptian Temples, Wiedemang; English
31. Biographical Memoirs of Sir Arthur Evans by H. E. Winlock; English
32. Review of Tytus: A Preliminary Report on the Re-excavation of the Palace of Amenhotep III – by W. von Bissing; German
33. Dissertation sur une Stele Pharonique, Varille; French
34. Eine Erwiderung to Wilhem Spiegelberg’s “Aegyptologische Bermerkungen” zu meinem buche “Die Sprache des Pentateuchs,” A. S. Yahuda; German
35. Biographical Memoir of Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie, by H. E. Winlock; English
36. Biographical Memoir of Geo. Andrew Reisner, Winlock; English
37. The Egyptian Pantheon (dieties in Walters Art Gallery); English
38. Nouvelles Listes Geographiques d’Amenophis III a Karnak, Varille; French
39. Une Statue de Ptahmose Grand Pretre d’Amon sous Amenhophis III, Varille; French
40. Toutankhamon – Est-il fils d’Amenhophis et de Satamon?, Varille; French
41. L’Autel de Ptolemee III a Medamoud, Varille; french
42. Inventaire d’Objects Cultuels d’un Temple Thebain de Maat, Varille; French
43. La Grande Stele d’Amenophis II a Giza, Varille; French
44. The Ran-headed God at Hermopolis, Wainwright; English
45. Review of W. Otto’s Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft, by Wilcken; German
46. Acquisitions of the Bonner Academic Art Museum, Winter; German
47. L’Hymne au Soleil des Architectes d’Amenophis III Sonti et Hor, Varille; French
48. Biographical Memoir of Jacob Krall, Wiedeman; German
49. Notice of a Second-century Text in Coptic Letters, Worrell; English
50. The Artist of the Egyptian Old Kingdom, Wilson; English
51. Funeral Services of the Egyptain Old Kingdom, Wilson; English
52. New Items from egypt, 1936-1937, Williams; English
53. Un Nouvel antef de la Xie Dynastie, Vandier; French
54. Quatre Steles Inedites de la Fin de l’Ancien empire et de la Premiere Epoque Intermediaire, Vandier; French
55. Un Colosse d’Amenophis III dans les Carrieres d’Assouan, Varille; French
56. Mouvelles fouilles de Temples Funeraires Thebains (1934-1935), Varille et Robichon; French
57. A Propos d’une Chauve-Souris sur un Ostracon du Musee du Caire, D’Abbadie; French
58. The Metrical Scheme of the “Shipwrecked Sailor,” Vikentier; English
59. Un Hypogee de la XIIe Dynastie Egyptienne a Byblos, Virolleaud; French
60. Wine-growing (production) in Ancient Egypt, Schott; German
61. Wall Decorations of the Main Temple of the Sun at El Amarneh, Williams; English
62. Two Egyptian Torsos from the main Temple of the Sun at El Amarneh, Williams; English
63. More about Arabic Terms for “rug,” Worrell; English

Krieg und Waffen
1. Steindorff’s notes on Sethe’s lecture, The History of Egyptian Weapons and War, longhand mss; German
2. Notes on pieces in Berlin Museum; German
3. Weapons of the 18th Dynasty, Steindorff longhand notes; German
4. Weapons of the Middle Kingdom, Steindorff longhand notes; German
5. Photographs of weapons in Berlin Museum
6. Representations (Exhibitions) of war in Benihassan, Steindorff notes and typewritten mss; German
7. Axes and Hatchets, Steindorff drawings and notes on museum pieces
8. Daggers, notes and drawings, Steindorff longhand; German
9. Drawings and weapons in Berlin Museum, longhand; German
10. Weapons and Tools, notes and drawings, Steindorff longhand; German
11. Daggers and Swords, notes and drawings, typewritten; German
12. Weapons, longhand mss by Steindorff; German
13. Weapons, Old Kingdom, longhand notes by Steindorff; German
14. Axes and Hatchets, typewritten notes and drawings, Steindorff; German
15. Clubs, typewritten notes and drawings, Steindorff; German
16. Early (times) Bows, longhand notes and drawings, Steindorff; German
17. Early (times) Club-heads, longhand notes and drawings, Steindorff; German
18. Early (times) Arrows (or Shafts), longhand notes and drawings, Steindorff; German
19. Early (times) Hammers, longhand notes and drawings, Steindorff; German
20. Miscellaneous notes on and drawings of daggers, clubs, arrows, etc., Steindorff; German
21. Bow, Arrow, and Quiver, typewritten notes and drawings, Steindorff; German

N. O.
1. Egyptian Catalogues of Things, Nims; English
2. Viewing B; according to Coffin Texts SP 99-140, Otto; German
3. The Reproach to God, Otto; German
4. An Ancient Egyptian Hunting Ritual, Otto; German
5. The Presentation of the Soul of the Egyptian as bird-formed, Otto; German
6. Content and Meaning of Egyptian Hero-faith, Otto; German
7. Certain Reliefs at Karnak and Medinet Habu and the Ritual of Amenophis I, Nelson; English
8. Conclusion of Certain Reliefs at Karnat and Medinet Habu and the Ritual of Amenophis I, Nelson; English
9. Mathematical Methods in Ancient Astronomy, Neugebauer; English
10. The Most Ancient History of Hither Asia – a critique of a book by the same name by H. Hroznys, Otto; German
11. Review of Goehler, Rom und Italien, Otto; German
12. Quelques Representations de Chevaux sur des Poteries du Nouvel Empire, Nagel; French
13. Egyptian Astronomy, Neugebauer; English
14. Three Decrees of Ramses III from Karnak, Nelson; English
15. Some Notes on the Family of Mereruka, Nims; English
16. Exavations at Abydos, Naville; English
17. L’Art Egyptien, Naville; French
18. To What Race Did the Founders of Saia Belong?, Newberry; English
19. Le Dieu de l’Oasis de Jupiter ammon, Naville; French
20. La Grammaire de Champollion, Naville; French
21. L’Origine Africaine de la Civilisation Egyptienne, Naville; French
22. Hebraeo-Egyptico II. The City of Zoar, Naville; English
23. Hebraeo-Egyptico I. The Shittim Wood, Naville; English
24. Note, relating to Shittim Wood article, Naville; English
25. A Mention of a Hood in the Book of the Dead, Naville; English
26. Une Boite de Style Mycenien, Naville; French
27. L’Age du Cuivre en Egypte, Naville; French
28. Le Pays de Pount et Les Chamites, Naville; French
29. The Egyptian Name of Joseph, Naville; English
30. Rock-pictures and Archaeology in the Libyan Desert, Newbold; English
31. Biographical Memoir of Karl Piehl, Naville; French
32. Trois Inscriptions de la Reine Hatshepsou, Naville; French
33. La Plante Magique de Noferatum, Naville; French
34. Les Premiers Mots du Chapitre XVII du Livro des Morts (1926), Naville; French
35. Les Premiers Mots du Chapitre XVII du Livro des Morts (1919), Naville; French
36. King Ay, Successor of Tutankhamun, Newberry, English
37. Demotic Horoscopes, Neugebauer; English
38. Le Periode Sothiaque, Neugebauer; French
39. Iron in Egypt, Olshausen; German
40. The Orient and Early Greek Art, Ohnefalsch-Ritter; German
41. L’Or Bon d’Egypte, Naville; French

Steindorff Populäre Aufsätze
1. From an Ancient-Egyptian Small Town, Steindorff; German
2. Concerning America’s Higher Education, Steindorff; German
3. The Cloister of St. Makarios, Steindorff; German
4. While Excavating in Egypt, Steindorff; German
5. With the Senufis in the Oasis of Amon, Steindorff; German
6. A Religious Reformer in Ancient Egypt, Steindorff; German
7. The Founding of Cities on the Red Sea, Ehrlich; German
7. Chartum and Obdurman, Steindorff; German
8. The Deciphering of Hieroglyphics, Steindorff; German, newpaper clipping
9. Hunting in the Ancient Orient, Steindorff; German, newpaper clipping
10. The Museum of Cairo, Steindorff; German, newpaper clipping, 1902
11. The Collection of the Hither Asia Antiquities in the State Museum in Berlin, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping, 1889
12. The Administration of Antiquities in Egypt, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping, 1897 - at Leipzig
13. The Treasures in the Land of Pharoahs, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping, 1898
14. A Page from my Sudan Diary, Steindorff; German, newpaper clipping
15. A German will again Excavate in Egypt; German, newspaper clipping, anonymous notice, 1930
16. Important (Honorable) Commission for Professor Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping
17. The Legend of King Cheops on the Basis of a Newly Acquired Papyrus in Berlin Museum, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping
18. The Senussi, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping
19. The Collection of Hitherasiatic Antiquities in the State Museum in Berlin, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Vossischen Zeitung, 1889
20. The Collection of Hitherasiatic Antiquities in the State Museum in Berlin, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Blaetter fur Handel, Gewerb, und Soziales Leben, 1889
21. The Senussi, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger
22. The Riddle of the Sphinx, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Berliner Tageblatt
23. At the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Der Tag
24. Picture of Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - General-Anzeiger
25. Southern-Arabic Antiquities in the Museum at Berlin, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - National Zeitung, 1891
26. Egyptian Spring: Thru the Libyan Desert to the Ammon-oasis, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Leipziger Neuesten Nachrichten, 1932
27. From Ethiopia-land to the Valley of the Kings, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Hanoverischen Anzeiger
28. A Coptic Report Concerning Diphtheria, Block; German, newspaper clipping - Medicinische Woche
29. German Pyramid Research and Investigation in Egypt, Steindorff; German
30. From the Graves of the Pharoahs, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Der Tag, 1902
31. Aida and Ancient Egypt, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Hamburgischer Correspondent
32. Ancient from the New and New from the Ancient Egypt, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Leipziger Neuesten Nachrichten
33. Pharoah Tutenchamun and his Grave-treasure, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Berliner Morgenpost, 1923
34. The Science of Egypt (concerning Edwin Smith Surgical Papyri), Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Berliner Tageblatt, 1922
35. Pyramid Wisdom: the Riddle of Cheop’s Pyramid, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Berliner Tageblatt, 1922
36. Consecrated (Holy) Places, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger, 1898
37. The Grave of Pharoah Tutenchamun, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Berliner Tageblatt
38. A Newly-excavated Egyptian Temple (Der el-bahir), Steindorff; German, magazine article - Der Woche, 1899
39. An Exhibition of the Egyptian Discoveries, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Der Tag, 1902
40. Drugs and Dyes (Colors) in Ancient Egypt, Steindorff; German, newspaper clipping - Drogisten Zeitung Leipzig, 1924
41. Pilgrimages in Ancient Egypt, Steindorff; German, magazine article - Reclams Universum, 1925
42. Encyclopedia article on Egypt, Steindorff

Sprache Grammatik, Text 2
1. Hieroglyphic Writing, Ebers; German, mss, 1871
2. Houroun: Nouvelles Mentions de cetteDivinite, Posener; French
3. Un Nouvel Exemple de l’Expression “pri hru a la forme sdmty fy,” Clere; French
4. A note by Clere on an inscription; French
5. 13th Annual Report of Walters Art Gallery
6. Concerning Civilization of Modi in Ancient Egypt, Sander-Hansen; German
7. Review of Bonnett: Aegyptisches Schriftum (Egyptian Literature), von Bissing; German
8. The Development of Writing in the Ancient Orient, Cyprus, and Crete, von Bissing; German
9. The Present State of Egyptian Studies, Wilson; English

Bi-Bz, XIX
1. Tel-el-Amarna, Borchardt; German
2. Review of J. H. Breasted Jr., Egyptian Servant Statues; German
3. Note sure la Decouverte du Monastere de Phoebammon dans la Montagne Thebaine, Bey; French
4. Rapport Presente a l’Assemblee Generale, Ghali; French and Arabic
5. God in Man, Bonnet; German
6. Egyptian-Semitic Etymology, Brockelmann; German
7. Statuette of (inscription) as Ichuemon Coffins, Bothmer; English
8. From Roman Graves (Ruins) at Achmin (Panopolis) in Upper Egypt, von Bissing; German
9. Review of Steindorff’s Aniba, Band I, von Bissing; German
10. Review of Steindorff’s Aniba, Band II, von Bissing; German
11. A Stela of Horus on a Crocadile - from time of Constantine, von Bissing; German
12. The King/Pharoah (Inscription), Brugsch; German
13. The Painters of “Tyrrhenian” Vases, von Bothmer; English
14. Summary of Dissertation (PhD), Bothmer; English
15. Osiris as the Maker of Corn in a Text of the Ptolemaic Period, Blackman; English
16. Two Coptic Texts in the Museum of Antiquities of Pays-Bas in the Leide, Boeser; French
17. An Example of Sculpture from Early Old Kingdom, Borchard; German
18. Review of Steindorff’s Aniba, Band II, Blackman; English
19. Two Egyptian Stelae of the XVIII Dynasty, Bull; English
20. The Temple of Augustus on the Island of Philae, Borchardt; German
21. Setna, an Ancient Egyptian Roman, Brugsch; German
22. On et Onion, Brugsch-Bey; French
23. Remarques sur quelques Steles Dites “A Oreilles,” Block; French
24. De Goddienstige Opvatting van den Slaap, De Buck; Dutch
25. The Formation and Development of Writing, Brugsch; German
26. The New World Order, after the annihilation of sinful, human evil, according to an ancient Egyptian tradition, Brugsch; german
27. “Peseh-Kef” Ammulets, Brunton; English
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