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Limbo, Volume 01, Issue 04, February 1950

“What we got here is a failure to communicate.” This could never be true at SMU based on the quantity of publications put out by students, staff, and faculty throughout the University’s history.

The Southern Methodist University Publications and Media Collection contains a wide range of textual and visual publications created by students, staff, and/or professors of SMU. The student publications range from humor magazines to literary reviews to political newsletters. These publications were usually small and independent. Some lasted for one or two issues. Others may have lasted for several years. They are a great example of the artistic output, both literary and visually, of SMU’s student body.

The “Official” SMU publications, such as the SMU News Digest, were produced by the public relations department and sent to alumni, faculty, staff, and the press. These periodicals were designed to keep the Dallas community aware of activities on campus. Other publications were put out by academic departments or schools to publicize events and programs.

The media portion of this collection contains the Hilltop Videos, a series produced between 1987 and 1994 by the Student Media Company (creators of the SMU Daily Campus) documenting the year on the SMU Campus.These videos are available for viewing on campus computers only.

All of the publications come from the Southern Methodist University Archives.

Student Publications Online:

Cupid Darts

Hilltop Annual Videos

Hoof Prints

The Grampus

Le Sourire

Limbo: The Magazine Section of the SMU Campus



SMU Publications:

SMU News Digest

About the SMU Archives

The Southern Methodist University Archives serves as a research repository for the official administrative and historical records of the University. In addition, the Archives serves as the collective memory of Southern Methodist University.

Material in the SMU Archives consists of non-current university records, regardless of medium, generated by faculty, staff, and students while conducting the business of this institution. This material includes office files, minutes, photographs, films, correspondence, artifacts and memorabilia, publications, scrapbooks, blueprints, oral history tapes, and manuscript collections.

Digital Collections Policies and Procedures

Items in Central University Library Digital Collections are digitized following the SMU Central University Libraries Digitization Guidelines and Procedures. Digital collections are created under the guidelines of the CUL Digital Collections: Filenaming, Workflow, and Metadata Guidelines, or through specialized metadata profiles tailored for the collection.


Copyright usage terms vary throughout the collection. Each item contains information about usage terms. If SMU does not have the right to publish the item on the Internet, only the item's metadata will be available and the digitized object will be available on a restricted access basis. Such items may only be viewed on campus. When items are available for use, please cite DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University. A high-quality version of these files may be obtained for a fee by contacting

The Student Media Company, Inc. owns Hilltop Videos, and is sharing them with the SMU campus community. To reprint or rebroadcast materials that were published or recorded in 1923 or afterwards, please contact: Jay Miller, Executive Director / Editorial Adviser of Student Media Company, Inc., at or (214) 768-4549.

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