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The Center for Information Processing (CIP) was restructured from a departmental to a team structure in June of 1997.  There are currently a total of five teams in place.  Staff can be on one or more teams simultaneously.  A brief summary of each of the team's charges follows.

 Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of the Director of CIP, the Senior Cataloger for Bibliographic Control, the Senior Cataloger for Database Maintenance, and the four team leaders. This team insures that quality service is provided to all library units in a timely and cooperative manner. They will collaborate with others outside CIP in order to insure effectiveness. The team communicates regularly with all members of CIP. Most new initiates with CIP need to be approved by this team.

 Project Implementation Team (PIT)

The purpose of this team is to be a central point of communication between all library units and CIP. Requests, questions, database maintenance, project requests, and other special tasks are directed to this team. The team receives direction from the Leadership Team in terms of priorities and resources. Timely and responsive communication is this team’s responsibility along with effective utilization of staff and student resources. The Project Manager of CIP works closely with the PIT.

 Continuations Team

This team is responsible for the processing (order, receipt, check-in, cataloging) of materials received on a continuing basis (standing orders, periodicals, and serial gifts). Tasks of this team include ordering, check-in, cataloging, and database maintenance. Timely access to serial materials in a variety of formats with accurate holdings information is this team’s major responsibility. The team regularly consults with Collection Development personnel regarding access and procurement of serial titles.

 Requisitions Team

The Requisitions Team is responsible for the processing (order, receipt, check-in, cataloging) of orders received on a one-time basis (firm orders, gifts, approvals). The team processes orders from the library units and works closely with Collection Development personnel in providing access to these materials. They also do a large portion of the gift and project cataloging.

Vendor Relations Team

Vendor Relations is responsible for coordinating financial activities and processes within CUL. This team works with library staff, outside vendors, SMU accounting personnel, and all library units to insure that materials are ordered, received, and paid in a timely manner. Maintaining fiscal responsibility and good vendor/library relationships are essential functions of this team. The team oversees the distribution of mail, electronic financial record imports/exports, ordering of supplies and equipment, and stays informed of new products and services.




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