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The Authorities Working Group is responsible for maintaining the quality of the database through authority control methods based on local and national standards. The group sets policy for local authority practices working in collaboration with all SMU libraries. Members perform database maintenance using local system reports and vendor products and services. The group researches and evaluates new products and services to improve database quality and to insure the database is an effective tool for the user.

Catalogers' Forum

The Catalogers' Forum is a working group of professional cataloging librarians in (CIP) and the DeGolyer Library.

The working group provides a forum and conduit for raising and discussing current issues of interest, both local and national with a particular focus on cataloging and bibliographic control.  As the need arises, the forum’s scope may occasionally be expanded to cover acquisitions or other technical services topics.

The forum engages in collaboration with other teams and work groups, especially the Policy and Development Working Group in order to provide opportunities for feedback on the potential and impact of developments in the fields of cataloging and bibliographic control.


The DeGolyer Working Group is made up of Librarians and Library Specialists from (CIP) and the DeGolyer Library who are involved in the acquisitions and cataloging of DeGolyer Library resources.

Members keep current on national standards for the bibliographic control of special collections, including archival and rare materials, and provide expertise in establishing policies and procedures.

The Working Group discusses and resolves issues that arise and collaborates on special projects and needs.

Policy and Development

The Policy and Development Working Group is a team of librarians and library specialists with expertise in all areas of technical services.

The Working Group sets policies for cataloging practices in collaboration with CIP teams and the Catalogers' Forum. Working together, the group assesses the training and documentation needs for all areas of the Center for Information Processing. The Policy and Development Working Group will also monitor trends and developments in technical services with the goal of improving processes in the department.

 Staff Orientation

This Working Group meets to prepare for the orientation of new employees into CIP. The Group provides resources for orientation into the libraries, to include producing an “Employee Handbook”, preparing a training schedule for the employee’s first week, and presenting a general orientation to the campus libraries. The Working Group also maintains both the orientation and the exit checklists for CIP, and prepares a questionnaire for new employees to be given after 90 days of employment. The Group critiques its effectiveness in orientation and training, making changes as needed.

Student Advisory Group (SAG)

This is a self-governed group responsible for identifying, interviewing, and hiring students who work within CIP. SAG reports to the Leadership Team. The group's responsibilities include assignments of duties, training, orientation, recommending pay rates for individuals, and evaluations of student workers. Additionally, this working group has the responsibility to terminate student employees for unsatisfactory performance. Teams needing student help will direct their requests here.


This Working Group coordinates activities related to the management of hardware and software within and specific to CIP. The Group works closely with CUL-ISS, ITS, and other technical services staff in order to meet the technological needs of CIP. Some of our activities include performing and assisting with updating in-house software programs, keeping computers working, maintaining the CIP webpage, and helping to identify new technologies that could be beneficial to CIP.


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