CIP Working Group Membership


Cataloger's Forum

Policy and Development

Clare Lattimore (coordinator) Katherine Schacht (coodinator)
Heather Barrett Janet Allmon
Stacey Beach Heather Barrett
Cindy Boeke Stacey Beach
Abby Dover Eva Cernosek
Cynthia Franco John Milazzo
Sarah Haight  
Michelle Hahn


Katherine Schacht  




Staff Orientation

Stacey Beach (coordinator)

Meg Ruckman (coordinator)

Eva Cernosek Maria Isabel Garcia
Abby Dover Lara Corazalla
Clare Lattimore Terre Heydari




SAG (Student Advisory Group)

Katherine Schacht (coordinator)

Terre Heydari (coordinator)

Cynthia Franco Janet Allmon
Ruthann Swanson

Geailya Armour

Abby Dover John Milazzo
Heather Barrett  
Russell Martin (as needed)
Abby Dover  
Stacey Beach  
John Milazzo  


* Plus invited guests as needed




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