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The following activities promote professional growth and/or celebrate staff accomplishments and you are encouraged to attend; however, if the program extends beyond your lunch hour,* you do need to get your supervisor’s approval when you plan to participate so they can plan accordingly.  Please email your supervisor with your request.  If approved, make sure your personal Outlook calendar is updated to reflect the activity.  For off-site or extended absence, also mark the shared leave calendar.  These activities will not count as vacation leave or time to make up.  It is encouraged for staff to attend the following types of activities during work hours:

                         OIT computer related classes

                        HR workshops

                        Other campus CE opportunities directly related to your job

                        SMU Staff Development Day

                        SMU Staff Awards celebration

                        SMU Events (dedications, ground breakings)

                        Wellness Extravaganza

                        Off-campus training/workshops

                        LEAD programs

                        Professional conferences

                        President’s picnic

These activities will count as vacation leave or time to make up.  You do need to get your supervisor’s permission in advance to attend:

                       Staff Association, Faculty Club luncheons

                        Any other non-CUL luncheons*

                        Speakers on campus (not related to job)

                        Personal interest workshops (not related to job)


The expectation is that you will attend the following activities as part of your regular work schedule.   Just note these on your personal Outlook calendars as you would any other meetings.  

                        CUL Annual meeting

                        CUL Director's Teas

                        CUL Social activities


 *In other words, if you can complete the activity in the time you normally eat lunch, no permission is required.  Staff are strongly encouraged to eat lunch; work with your supervisor to extend your work day, if need be, so that you may attend a program that runs during your lunch hour and still eat lunch. 

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