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The purpose of the CIP Exit Checklist is to close the professional connection of the employee with the CIP Team structure, the Central University Library organization, and Southern Methodist University. It also facilitates the initiation of a new employee for the same position. The items on the CIP Exit Checklist may be initiated at the time the employee resigns. It is the joint responsibility of the Team Leader(s), the Supervisor, and the terminated Employee to ensure that the CIP Exit Checklist is completed by the last week of employment.




Terminating Date:





Script notes



The Job





Position duties

Letter of resignation to supervisor

Include date of final working day in letter

Staff member



Inform Library Dean, CUL HR dept., and SMU HR


CIP Director



Give copy of exit checklist to staff member and supervisor


CIP Director



Submit Help ticket for LITDI

Include employee’s name and last day of work




Announce departure to CIP staff via email


CIP Director



Review position description

Review position and duties in relation to current staffing needs and adjust as needed

CIP Director, in collaboration with Dean,  Team leaders, staff member



Rewrite or edit position description and job evaluation form, as needed, and begin process of filling position

May need to request latest job evaluation form from SMU HR dept.

CIP Director



Submit job description to EC


CIP Director



Communicate status of pending work and on-going assignments that must be delegated.

Staff member reports to Team Leader/s.

Staff member



Notify all work-related committees and professional contacts


Staff member


Exit Interviews

Human Resources

Staff member makes appointment, submits final leave report to HR and provides a copy to supervisor

Staff member



Library Director (optional)

Staff member makes appointment if desired

Staff member




Staff member makes appointment if desired

Staff member



Staff Orientation WG (optional)

Make appointment

CIP Orientation W.G. member


Team Membership


Update team chart on CIP web site

Administrative Assistant







Telephone use

Voice mail

Reset options

Staff member



Long distance

Make arrangements for payment of outstanding bills

CIP Director



Unsubscribe (except for retirement)

Library listservs, etc.

Tech Team / LITDI




Listservs (personal)

Staff member



Send reminder to remove name from email distribution lists


CIP Director



Remove name tag

CIP staff mail box

Administrative Assistant



Provide forwarding address or contact information

Provide to CIP Director

Staff member



Physical Surroundings





CIP seating chart

Update chart

CIP Orientation Manual

CIP Orientation W.G.


Work areas clearance

Clear files and personal items from workstation & tidy desk & cubicle area

Resources purchased by SMU remain property of SMU

Check with Team Leader for what needs to remain for next occupant

Staff member, 

Team Leader



Take or discard name plate

Personal workstation

Staff member



Clear personal items from Staff Kitchen, CIP refrigerator & coat closet in back room


Staff member



Update Staff "In & Out" board


Administrative Assistant



Return unused supplies

CIP Conference Room storage closet

Staff member


Building Access/Security

Return desk & building keys


Administrative Assistant



Return borrowed materials

Pay any fines

Staff member









Clear Voyager security


LITDI; Tech Team



Transfer work related files to appropriate team folders

On V:\ drive, leave back-ups on PC or other storage media

Staff member; Tech Team;




Clear all personal files from PC

Including favorites/bookmarks

Staff member






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