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  • Enter lcl  > local
  • Press F11 > form appears
  • Complete form
     Requester: fond                 Enter    >    location/temp location)
       Address:   fac/dm/16                     >    fac/faculty initials (if available) /subject number
                Unit:                                       >    dept (optional)
             Status:  ga/RUSH                      >    person entering information initials/status RUSH, SO, PER, MIH,P1,P2 (priority)
               Fund:  8010HistFirmOrder       >   funding information
         Quantity:  1
           Price:  30.00
              Notes:  Scholars Bookshelf Sale Catalog;Cat 44, Item 16;v.1-3.  (Use semi-colon to separate entries)
    Enter any other helpful order information in notes: i.e. AV, AE, Direct, Prepayment, Address (if not in vendor file), Notify,
    Begin subn. w/, Begin SO w/, Backfile, Score, Cassette, CD, Videocassette, Laserdisc, DVD, Microfilm, Microfiche, etc.
    Requester information field (939) is now added to bibliographic record.
  • Enter val  > validate
  • Press F11
  • Enter s  > save
  • Press F11
  • Request record is saved under a number.
    Request is now ready to be retrieved by ordering staff.


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