A Summary Fund is a fund designated at a high level of the ledger’s hierarchy and allows you to gather a summary of information about all of its subordinate funds. Analyzing fund activity at the summary fund level allows you to see the expenditure activities of all allocated and reporting funds associated with the summary fund.
(Represented by a red square) 

An Allocated Fund is a fund which contains "real money" in it. An allocated fund can be set up to have additional money added to it during the course of the fiscal period or to allow for expenditures only.
(Represented by a blue triangle) 

A Reporting Fund is subordinate to allocated funds. Reporting funds are used to help generate more detailed information about the expenditures from an allocated fund. Money to pay for invoices for items applied to a reporting fund comes from the allocated fund associated with the reporting fund.
(Represented by a yellow circle) 


Fiscal Periods / Ledgers / Funds

Fiscal Period can be on many ledgers

Ledger has one and only one Fiscal Period

Within a CUL ledger, the following hierarchy exists:

Ledger ® Summary Fund ® Allocated Fund ® Reporting Fund ® Reporting Fund

Funds have beginning and ending dates to correspond with our fiscal year (June 1-May 31). They contain our institutional ID number (12 digit PeopleSoft number) and have the ability to be overriden to allow for over and under expenditures and commitments. Funds are updated dynamically so at any time it is possible to see the exact status of your funds.

Ledgers for CUL

This is CUL's ledger structure:


(Type of funds)

Summary Fund

(by Library unit)

Allocated Fund

(by account number)

Reporting Fund

(by format)



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