The Continuations Team catalogs and checks in all material received as Continuation orders: Subscriptions, Memberships, Standing Orders, and Blanket Orders. The Team also catalogs and checks in unsolicited material or gifts that are treated as continuations, and government documents that are classified in LC, Dewey, or treated as periodicals.


Guidelines for Check-In


Type of Material

Where to Check-In


Serials Check-In

Classed Together Serial /Multi-part

Serials Check-In

Classed Separately Series: Numbered

Serials Check-in

Classed Separately Series: Unnumbered

No Check-In

Index to a Periodical: Bound with periodical

No Check-In

Index to a Periodical: Bound separately

Holdings Record

Supplement to a Periodical

No Check-In

Supplement or Index to a Serial/Multi-part

Depends on treatment

Accompanying Electronic Resource: Same location

No Check-In

Accompanying Electronic Resource: Different location

Holdings Record


OPAC Display: Material checked in using Serials Check-In displays following the caption: “Recent Issues.” Material checked in using the Holdings Record displays following the caption “Library Has.”

Guidelines for Updating the Holdings Record

Titles that are to be bound


Titles that are not to be bound






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