For this type of material, payment is made on a title and one or more other titles come with it as a "combination" package

Create the purchase order for the title where the payment is made. This could be an actual title itself or could be a "generic" title. This more general title would still have a bibliographic record, although brief in nature. The purchase order is created for the payment title, with "CB" preceding the PO number. The PO Type for this is "Continuation" and the Line Item Type is either "Subscription" or "Standing Order" depending upon what the paid item is (standing order or periodical). Price remains at $0.00.

This represents a title issued in 4 sections (A,B,C,D) that is paid for under just one section (A). Since this is where the payment is, it is preceded by "CB"; it is a periodical so the Line Item Type is "Subscription".

For an Ebsco title, opening up the Line Item Type takes you to the Vendor Title # box. Complete: nine digit title number, a comma, and the two digit subscriber code (nnnnnnnnn,sc). In the Vendor Reference Number box enter: Agent's Subscription Number (SNA) and then DA7240000 (followed by the two digit subscriber code and the nine digit title number).

Enter the start date, subscription length, and renewal date, if known, and check the "Automatic Renewal" box on this screen. Since payment will be made here, approve the PO.

For each item that is received and checked in that comes with this title, create a purchase order. On these purchase orders, the 2 letters that precede the PO number will be determined by whether the item is a standing order (use "SO") or a periodical (use "PR"). These purchase orders will contain two line items: the item itself and the payment title, pulled onto the PO for informational purposes only. The PO Type will be "Continuation" and the Line Item Type will be "Standing Order" or "Subscription", depending upon if the item is a standing order or a periodical. All prices remain at $0.00.

For an Ebsco title, do not enter any information in the Vendor Title # field or in the Vendor Reference Number area for this title, "Acta Crystallographica, Section B", since this in not the title where the payment is made; Ebsco needs only the title number where the payment is for claiming purposes. The title looks like this:

Whereas, the line item for "Acta Crystallographica, Section A" looks like this:

The "ůSection A" title number is inserted ONLY in the "Vendor Title #" field for informational purposes; this will allow you to view the order for claiming and easily find the payment title and number. Entering data in this field will not effect the EDI process for payment, since EDI will only be looking in the "Vendor Reference Number" field. To add the payment title to this purchase order, do "Bib search" and pull it over. This purchase order can remain pending since payment will not be made on it.

Add other non-payment titles in the same manner, pulling over the "combo" payment record as a line item.

Here is the purchase order for "Acta Crystallographica, Section C", which also comes with this combination title:

The "Line Item Type" for "ůSection C" reflects that it is a title without payment directly on it:

The "Line Item Type" for "ůSection A", which is where the payment is, looks like this:


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