Creating invoices for Firm, slip, and approval orders

Vendor Relations Team members use this documentation to pay for firm, slip, and approval order library materials. Invoices for these orders are received from Library Specialists responsible for receiving materials. These invoices must be entered into Voyager and submitted to the University's Accounts Payable Department for payment.

Creating invoices in Voyager is accomplished by two methods:


1. In the Acquisitions module, open the Invoices menu and click on the New Invoice button.


A. When workform appears, complete the following steps:


        Enter the invoice number in the space provided.

        If the invoice is to be delivered to Accounts Payable, add a C00 to the beginning of the voucher number, or add DC0 if the invoice is a Do Not Feed, in which case payment has already been made (i.e., by credit card) and the invoice will not be sent to Accounts Payable.

        Select the correct invoice date from the calendar.

        Input the total dollar amount for the invoice, including all shipping charges and other price adjustments.

        Enter the Vendor Code if known, or search for it using the search tool provided.

        Choose the appropriate vendor account from the drop-down menu.

        Shipping charges will be added after all line items are appended to the invoice.


B. Click the Save button to save the invoice in the Voyager system. Options appear at the bottom of the invoice which allow line items to be appended by searching for their Purchase Order (PO) number. The process for this is as follows:


        Click Add Line from Order. In the search field of the new window, select Purchase Order from the drop-down menu, and enter the PO number for the line item to be appended. When the PO number appears, click Display Line Items and locate the title to be appended to the invoice. Select the title(s) and click Append. Line items are appended in the order listed on the invoice. Multiple line items from different PO numbers can be added by clicking Display Orders and entering a different PO number.

        After appending all line items, input prices by selecting a line item, clicking on the Details button, and then clicking on the Price tab. Add discounts where appropriate.

        Finally, assign shipping charges and other price adjustments under Other Charges in the Amounts subsection of the invoice header. The majority of invoices consist of multiple line items, therefore shipping charges are assigned to the financial account listed most frequently under the Fund column of the line item list (i.e., ProFond16Firm).

        Verify that the amount listed under the Invoice subsection matches the amount listed under Total Invoice Amount in the Amounts subsection.

        Click the Save button to continue working on the Invoice, or click on Save and Close once all information is completed.


2. Invoices can also be created after the approval of a PO. In the PO window, click the Order menu and select Create Invoice. The Vendor Code, Account, and all line items and prices will automatically transfer from the PO to the new invoice. Delete any line items not meant to be listed on the new invoice by selecting them and clicking the Delete Line button. Follow the steps listed above for inputting invoice number, date, and total invoice amount. Adjust the Voucher Number according to Feed/Do Not Feed status. Verify that all line item prices match those listed on the paper invoice and adjust accordingly. Add shipping charges as directed above.


Upon completing the invoice, write the Voucher Number (e.g., C00123456) at the bottom of the library copy, and initial the number. Place the completed invoice in the Completed Invoices tray for approval by the Director of Financial Management.

Voucher/Check Request Procedure


Subsequent to this approval, the Director of Financial Management will return the approved invoices along with the Voucher/Check Request forms, and the invoice summary. Make copies of the Voucher/Check Request forms. Separate the invoices and attach one copy of the Voucher/Check Request form to the front of the original remittance copy. Attach the second copy of the Voucher/Check Request to the back of the library copy (usually the duplicate or carbon copy) of the invoice. In the event that an item was lined-through (i.e., deleted from the invoice), make a copy of the adjusted invoice stamp with "Enclosure." Attach the enclosure copy to the back of the Voucher/Check Request form and the original remittance copy of the invoice. Also stamp the Voucher/Check Request form with "Enclosure." Verify the voucher number and invoice dollar amount on the summary sheet(s). Place the library copies of the invoices in the blue folder labeled Invoices to be Filed, located adjacent to the fax table. The remittance copies, arranged first by vendor number and then by voucher number in ascending order, are then delivered to the Accounts Payable Department in the Perkins Administration Building.


File copies of daily transactions in separate folders based on the month in which they were issued. File the individual sheets based first upon location, followed by fund code, then account, and finally by date.




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