1. Before creating a new vendor record, search the vendor file to be sure that one is not already there for the vendor that you need.

  2.         Search > Vendor > Vendor Name > Equals > [type in first few letters] > Enter

      If any of the names are close, select the vendor and view the record. If this is a match to the vendor that you
      are looking for, use that vendor code in your purchase order.

  3. When you are certain that the vendor is not in Voyager, create a new vendor record in the following manner:

  4.         New > Vendor >

  5. Complete information in these fields only and all in CAPITAL LETTERS:

  6.         Code: Maximum of 10 spaces
            Make the code a similar representation of the vendor's name
            Name: Completely fill in the full vendor name
            Type: Domestic (if payment is made to US address) or Foreign (if payment is made to a foreign address)

  7. Enter this information into the system

  8.         Enter >

  9. Enter address information in this manner and all in CAPITAL LETTERS:

  10.         Addresses >
            Address: Enter the street address following the guidelines in Publication 28 of the Postal Addressing Standards
            City: Enter city name
            State/Province: Enter 2 digit state abbreviation (for US)
            Zip/Postal Code: Enter either 5 digit or 9 digit code (use hyphen in 9 digit code)

            Enter >

            Note: If entering a foreign address, use the Address, City, State/Province,
            Zip/Postal Code, and Country (3 letter PeopleSoft code) fields.

  11. If available, enter telephone number(s) information as follows:

  12.         Phone Numbers . >

            Choose any of the following types of phone numbers, as appropriate:
                    Primary / Mobile / Fax / Other

            Enter the information in this format ONLY:

                    NNN-NNN-NNNN (Area code followed by number for US)
                    (NN) NNNN-NNNN (Country code followed by number for foreign)

            Save > Close > Close

  13. If there are different addresses for the same vendor, enter those in CAPITAL LETTERS as well and identify which address is for which activity by checking the correct radio buttons (Order, Payment, Returns, Claims, E-Mail, Other):

  14.         While on Address 1 record, deselect radio button(s) that is not for this address and then Save >

            Choose New >

            Check radio button(s) as appropriate for new address

            Enter address information into Address, City, State/Province, and Zip/Postal
            Code fields as appropriate.

            Enter >

            Phone Numbers >
            (Complete as in #6 above)

            For e-mail addresses, enter e-mail address in first line of Address field.

            Other Addresses is used for webpage addresses and are entered as:
            This information is also entered in the first line of the Address field.

  15. When all information is complete, go to first screen of Vendor Record
Save > Close


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