1. Preliminaries
  2. Retrieving Records From OCLC
  3. Setting Purchase Order Defaults
  4. Creating Purchase Order
  5. Entering Orders
  6. Entering Line Item Information
  7. Entering "Add Copy" (same location) Orders




Requisitions Team members use this procedure to create Purchase Orders from vendor slips. These titles, which have been selected by the order units, are ready to be entered into Voyager.


Step 1





Step 2

Retrieving Records From OCLC




Step 3

Setting Purchase Order Defaults




Step 4

Creating Purchase Order



Vendor Section


·        Select Code: type in the appropriate vendor code.

·        Select Account: choose the appropriate account.


After all pertinent information is provided click Save. Purchase order Header is complete. Add Line now appears on bottom of Purchase Order for (Bib Search), (Bib Import), and (Template).



Step 5

Entering Orders


  1. Add Line (Bib Import)


·        Click Add Line (Bib Import).

·        Double click OCLC directory.

·        Select appropriate dat file.

·        Click Open.

·        Select Bib records for import.

·        Click Delete from file after import.

·        Click Import.

·        During import, if the "Duplicate found…Link item to duplicate?" message is displayed, click No to the prompt. This means the title is already in the system and has been ordered and/or received. Search Voyager Cataloging to be sure it is an actual duplicate. If so, notify the requester. If not, determine why the record is matching a record in Voyager Cataloging – consultation with a cataloger might be needed at this point. Also, be sure the order is not for a replacement or add copy. If so, use the bibliographic record in Voyager Cataloging and create a new holdings record.

·        Click Close.


  1.  Add Line (Bib Search)

(If ordering an add copy or add volume, the bibliographic record can be found in Voyager).



C.    Add Line (Template)

            (If no record is found in Voyager or OCLC, use the template).


·        Click Add Line (Template).

·        Select Template.

·        Enter appropriate information based on format. Be sure to check name authorities for authors.

·        Click OK: Title appears on Purchase Order.



Step 6

Entering Line Item Information


o       Click on the fund to highlight.

o       Click Edit.

o       Make necessary changes.

o       If fund needs to be edited, select Ledger: click on the open folder icon which shows the ledger/fund hierarchy. Choose the appropriate fund for the item by clicking exactly on the (+) sign in front of the fund. Continue to click on the (+) signs until the correct fund is located. If a science classification number does not have a corresponding fund, switch the fund to Cheatsci.

o       Click Unlink if ordering an add copy for same location.

o       Click Save.



Step 7

Entering “Add Copy” (same location) Orders


·        Highlight line item.

·        Click MARC.

·        Click New Hldgs.

·        Enter location.

·        Click Save to DB.

·        Click Purchase Order.

·        Click Details.

·        Click Copies/Fund.

·        Highlight Intended Location.

·        Click Edit.

·        Click Link to Holdings.

·        Click Unlink (Previous Location).

·        Click Save.

·        Click Link (New Location with same name).

·        Click Save.



Click Save and Close for the PO. Write the purchase order number in red on the first slip.




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