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This documentation is intended for students and staff who will be checking in periodicals through the Acquisitions module. 


Session Preferences
Set session preference according to Acquisition Sessions Preferences document.

Check-In of Paper Issues
Always look first at Check-In Notes for special instructions. See Check-In Notes section.

Check-In of Microforms
Microforms include: Microfilm and Microfiche.

Add issue(s) as appropriate, or change issue(s) as appropriate.

Problem Resolution

Duplicate Issues
Send all duplicates to bindery staff member with post-it note labeling 'duplicate'.

Physical Issue in hand is not the next "expected issue."

Missed Issues
Claim any issues that are not checked in by the time the next “expected issue” arrives.

Check-In Notes
Check for instructional notes that indicate editing the pattern in the Check-In Note.
Note: The Check-In Note will always display on the screen unless you close it
To edit the pattern as instructed:
·        Select the appropriate issue to be changed from Issue(s) In Hand field.
·        Click Change Issue. Edit issue as instructed.
·        Click OK button. Check in issue.

"Bind [x] volumes (years, months, or issues)"

"Latest [x] years (months) retained"

"Recent issues retained until microform arrives"

Supplements and Indexes
See Check-in of Material Received as Continuations documentation.


Last updated 06/27/2013