The Vendor Relations Team uses these procedures to return unwanted materials.


An item may be unwanted if:


·        the item is a duplicate order.

·        the item is damaged or defective.

·        the wrong item has been sent.

·        the item is an automatic that we do not want.


Some Exceptions:

o       do not return material for the DeGolyer Library unless it is a firm order placed by the Vendor Relations Team.

o       do not return duplicate firm orders priced under $35.

o       do not return standing orders without checking with vendor liaison first.

o       do not return media unless it is damaged or defective.


Definitions of Authorized and Unauthorized Returns


An authorized return does not require getting permission from the vendor.


Example:  An approval item is a duplicate of an item already owned.


An unauthorized return must be cleared with the vendor before it is returned.


Example:  A defective book is discovered after payment has been made, and the book is properly stamped and on the shelf.


A return is unauthorized if:


·              the vendor has marked the item “non-returnable.” 

·              the item has been paid.

·              the vendor has not given us permission to adjust invoices. 

·              the item was received as a standing order.

·              the item is media and has been opened.




Additional information


The following vendors (CODES) allow us to adjust invoices and return items as needed. These are all authorized returns if they have not been paid.


Ambassador Book Service (AMBASSADOR)

B.H. Blackwell (BHB)

Blackwell North America (BNA)

Book House Inc. (BOOKHOUSE)

Eastern Book Company (EASTERNBK)

Theodore Front Music Literature (FRONT)

YBP Library Services (YANKEE)

      Michael Shamansky Bookseller inc. (SHAMANSKY)

      Music Library ServiceCompany (MLSC)

      National Book Network (NTLBK)

      Worldwide Books (WORLDWIDE)


If unsure, treat the item as an unauthorized return.


Processing Authorized Returns



Example: “returned defective” or “wrong item sent.”


Note:  After a line item is ruled off the invoice, the vendor may still send a credit confirmation letter or memo.  Do not process these confirmations as credits; the cost of the item has already been deducted from the invoice total.



Note: Shipping charges are not adjusted unless the item is the only one on the invoice.



Processing Unauthorized Returns


Contact the vendor and request permission to return.  Vendor contact information is located in the Voyager vendor record. Some vendors will request that you put this in writing; others do not need any further documentation.


When contacting a vendor, provide the following information:



After receiving permission to return an item do the following:



Example:  “request replacement” or “returned for credit”



If permission is denied, no further action is required.




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