verifying vendor statements

Vendor Relations Team members use these procedures to verify monthly transaction statements received from library vendors.  Most vendors send statements of all CUL transactions on a month-to-month basis, generally listing all invoices and credits.  These statements must be verified in order to ensure the proper processing of all payments and credits.  Statement appearances vary from vendor to vendor, however each should contain the same basic information. 


In order to verify payment of invoices, use the Search Invoices feature of Voyager Acquisitions module.  Enter the invoice number in question.  The column labeled Invoice Status shows if the invoice is Pending or Approved


In the event that the invoice number is not found in Voyager, search by Bibliographic Record if a title is provided on the statement, or Vendor Name when it is not a commonly used vendor.  In the event that no invoice is located, check the invoice date.  If the date listed is very current, it is possible that the invoice has not yet been received and/or entered into Voyager.  If that is not the case, contact the vendor for a copy of the invoice for further investigation.


It may also be necessary to confirm the date of payment or to provide the vendor with a check number.  In SMU Financials (a web-based application), open the Accounts Payable menu, choose the Review option, click Vouchers, and select Voucher Inquiry.  Enter the Voucher Number taken from the invoice into the From Voucher ID field.  Press the Search button.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Voucher Inquiry Results subsection.  Clicking on the icon in the Payment Information column opens a new Details window, which lists the Payment Date.  The check number is listed under the column entitled Payment Reference ID.




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