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Search Voyager and determine if the record is 050

Retrieve the Voyager bibliographic record and verify that it is 050. If any of the below are true, then the record is 050:

            a. 040 = at least one DLC is present

            b. 042 = lc, lcd, lccopycat, or pcc is present


Fixed fields to verify

Leader: Bibliographic Level=s: Serial

008: Date2 – if present, see Title Change document

“OK to export”

Click on the system tab and check “OK to export”.


Fields to edit on the bibliographic record


245      Check subfields |a & |b only.

246      Add only if essential, per CONSER.

300      Note for oversize books.

4xx       Check and verify authority record.

505      Check/edit.

6xx       For serials only: delete: |z PERIODICAL.

8xx       See 4xx above.

945      Add zSTANDING ORDER for classified serials that are received as continuations.


If there is no 4xx/8xx but you find a series statement in the book (from the series title page, title page, or title page verso), add the series to the bibliographic record and then see 4xx above.



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