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When Treatments Vary Among CUL Locations | Owning Library Codes used in |5:

Before overlaying any authority record, check for the presence of local coding (|5 CU or [CU] or 690 field). In the case of series authority records, also check for |5 BR (Bridwell) and |5 UL (Underwood). If any fields are coded locally, copy and paste them into the imported record before saving it.


Enter locally assigned call number in field 050. Code the second indicator 4, and end the field with |5 CU.

050 #4 QP601 |b .C733 |5 CU
082 04 557.89 |b N532c |2 unk |5 CU. Subfield 2 (edition used) is required. Enter unk, i.e, unknown.

4XX and 5XX

Before adding cross references to the Voyager record, search OCLC to see if the needed reference has been added. If it has, overlay the Voyager record. If it has not, enter the cross reference. End the field with |5 CU and your initials in parentheses. Also include a 670 for the item you are cataloging.

410 2# CASE Books |5 CU (msf)
670 ## Taylor, J.H. Advancement services, 1999: |b CASE Books (t.p verso and cover)


Add local notes in field 667. End the field with |5 CU, your initials, and the date in parenthesis. (Note: formerly, local notes were added in field 690).

667 ## CU classes all volumes in the alternate class number, not Z. The location for volumes in this series is: fond NOT fond,ref |5 CU (msf 3/8/2000)


If the 050, 082, 642, 644, 645, 646 treatments are not the same in all locations, specify the differing treatments in multiple fields, as in the examples below.

646 ## |a c |5 CU |5 DF
All CUL locations and the DeGolyer Library class together.

646 ## |a c |5 CU |5 DF
646 ## |a s |5 CU (fort)
All CUL locations except Fort Burgwin class together. DeGolyer Library also classes together.

Use the Voyager location code in parentheses following the code for the owning library when there is a discrepancy in treatment among CUL libraries.

050 #4 QL380 |b .T45 |5 CU (scid)
082 04 557.3 |b T45 |2 unk |5 CU
The titles housed in the Science DeGolyer collection are classed together in LC; those housed in the general science collection are classed together in Dewey.


|5 CU includes Fondren, Science, Hamon, ISEM, Fort Burgwin
|5 DF DeGolyer Library
|5 MS CMIT Library
|5 BR Bridwell Library
|5 BI Business Library
|5 UL Underwood Law Library

For location codes within owning libraries, consult the Voyager Locations Codes chart.

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