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conser standard record local practices

The CONSER Standard Record (CSR) guidelines (documented at specify an acceptable minimum of cataloging elements to be included in serial records; it is permissible to include elements beyond those specified in the guidelines.  The inclusion or exclusion of elements, and thus the extent to which the CSR guidelines are implemented, is largely left to catalogers’ discretion.


This document lists elements for which CSR guidelines are to be followed in PTDS’s original cataloging of serials, both print and electronic.  It also lists elements for which CSR guidelines are not to be followed.


For complete guidelines on creating MARC bibliographic records for serials, including CSR guidelines, see “NASIGuide: MARC Coding for Serials” at

For the following elements, follow the CONSER Standard Record guidelines:

362 field:

·         Use an unformatted 362 field, even when the first and/or last issues are in hand.

·         Captions and months may be transcribed as found (including abbreviations and capitalization) or they may be recorded using standard AACR2 abbreviations and capitalization; the latter is no longer mandatory.

·         If numbering is not present or known, give the date of publication or copyright.

588 field (Source of Description):

·         Provide a “description based on” note even when description is based on the first issue.

·         Provide a “source of title” note even when the title is taken from the title page.

362/588 Examples:

362 1_ Began with Volume 1, Number 1 (January 1995).

588 __ Description based on: Volume 1, Number 1 (January 1995); title from title page.


362 1_ Began with vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1995).

588 __ Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1995); title from t.p.


362 1_ Began with Band 1, Lieferung 1, published in 1973.

588 __ Description based on: Band 1, Lieferung 1, published in 1973; title from cover.


(More examples are available in Appendix B of the CSR documentation.)

538 field:

·         Do not add for remote access resources accessed via the World Wide Web.  Add only if a resource is accessed in some other way.

·         For direct access electronic resources, add only when necessary to indicate the type of operating system or the make and model of the computer(s) on which the resource is designed to run.

For the following elements, do not follow CONSER Standard Record guidelines:

008 field:

Provide frequency and regularity data; if unknown, indicate such with the code “u.”

130 field:

Create a uniform title whenever applicable; not only to distinguish generic titles, but also to distinguish different serials with the same title and different runs of a serial that has reverted to the same title multiple times.

300 field:

Record all applicable elements of the physical description.




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