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COPY Cataloging Checklist FOR Monographs


Use this checklist for all monographs if catalog copy is available that includes a LC classification number and Library of Congress subject heading(s) and for fiction monographs if catalog copy is available with a LC classification number.


If there are multiple LC call numbers in the record, follow the instructions outlined in the document 050 & 090 Library of Congress Call Numbers to determine which call number to place in the holdings record.


“OK to export”

Click on the system tab and check “OK to export”.


Fields to edit on the bibliographic record

020      Add if missing.

245      Check subfields |a & |b only.

246      Add as needed for searching.

260/264      Verify subfields |b & |c match according to “Selecting OCLC Bibliographic Records” instructions. Multiple 260/264 fields are acceptable.

300      Add missing data, including accompanying material. Note oversize dimensions for holdings record.

4xx       Add series statement if missing; check authority record. For sets and standing orders only: Check authority record for all.

505      For sets only: check/edit.

590      Add as instructed.

8xx       See 4xx above.

856      Check non-LC links and delete those that require a password or subscription.


Last updated 12/13/2012