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This document is intended for staff who edit and update serial bibliographic records created by LC or CONSER libraries.

Bibliographic record

Search for and display the bibliographic record




Leader: Bibliographic Level=s : Serial


008: Type of Entry=0 (successive entry cataloging)

Do not use Type of Entry=1 records.


042=lc, lcd, or pcc

If the 042 is not present or if lc, lcd, or pcc is not present, give the material to a cataloger for review.


Edit the following fields:

007 (Physical Description)

If coded for Computer File, check with an electronic resources cataloger to determine if we have electronic access to title. Delete the coding for Computer File if we do not have access to the electronic version.

008 (Fixed Length Data Elements)

Refer to the OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards, fixed field elements for complete coding information and examples.

Publication status=

c (currently published)

d (ceased publication)

u (unknown)

Date1 (Use beginning date of coverage or publication) Date2 (Use ending date or 9999)

Frequency Edit as necessary to match current frequency

Regularity Edit as necessary to correspond to current frequency.

The Frequency code in a record should agree with the Regularity code in that record. See OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards, field 310 and field 321 for more information.

Language Edit as necessary to match the language of the item.


022 (International Standard Serial Number (ISSN))

If the ISSN on the serial is different than the ISSN in the 022 field, give the material to a cataloger for review.

260 (Publication, Distribution, etc.)

Use the name of the publisher/distributor in the 260 |b even when it also appears in an author, title, or statement of responsibility field. In older bibliographic records expand a shortened publishers name in the subfield |b in order to provide access to the name.

310 (Current Publication Frequency)

If there is no 310 field present on the record, add it to match the Frequency code in the 008 field.

4xx, 8xx (Series)

Follow applicable instructions in 4XX & 8XX Series in the Bibliographic and Authority Records.

6xx (Subject Added Entry)

Delete the subdivision "Periodicals" when it occurs as the final subdivision.

Delete any subject headings with second indicator 4 that duplicate a 6xx _0.  

Retain all other subject headings. If there are no subject headings with second indicator 0, consult a cataloger.

780 (Preceding Entry), 785 (Succeeding Entry)

Carefully check for any 780 or 785 fields to determine if the correct record has been selected.

856 (Electronic Location and Access)

Check with a cataloger to determine if we have electronic access to title.

945 (Local Processing Information)

For classified serials that are received as continuations, add zSTANDING ORDER if it is not already present.


For classified serials that are received as ongoing gifts and treated as continuation orders, add |x Gift after zSTANDING ORDER.



945 |a zSTANDING ORDER |x Gift

Updating OCLC and Authoritizing headings

When the cataloging is complete, click on the System tab and then check the OK to export box. Checking this box confirms that the bibliographic record is acceptable for export. We use the export function to add our holdings symbol to OCLC records and to authoritize and receive authority records for headings on bibliographic records.You must save the record to the database for this feature to take effect..

Holdings record



Edit the following fields:

Leader: Type of record=y: Serial item holdings

852 (Location/Call number)

        Choose the appropriate location code for |b by referring to the Location Selection document.

        In |h and |i, use the 050 call number from the bibliographic records if the second indicator value is 0 unless we have used a different call number on a previous title. If we have used a different call number on a previous title, continue use that call number for the new title.

        If the title has an 050 call number with second indicator other than 0, give the material to a cataloger for review after completing the remaining steps in this procedure.

        Add size designation such as oversize designations q or f in |k.

        For analyzed serials add a public note in |z "For circulation status search under individual Author/Title."

        Add any special instructions for cataloging and processing as a nonpublic note in |x (e.g., dsc si or lv flc,ref).

866 (Textual holdings Basic bibliographic unit)

Use both enumeration and chronology, if both appear on the material.. A publication or copyright date is not considered chronology unless the material has no other enumeration or chronology.

867 (Textual holdings Supplementary material), 868 (Textual holdings Indexes)

Add if the material has a supplement or index.

Item record






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