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The MARC 246 field provides access to an item through a form of the title that is not chosen as the title proper and recorded in the 245 field.  Perhaps the most common uses of the 246 are to substitute “and” for the ampersand (&) character and to spell out numbers used in the title (i.e., One hundred and one Aggie jokes).  246s are commonly included for titles that appear on the cover, spine, or other part of the book and are different than the form on the title page.  246s can be used to record a form of the title that does not even appear on the item, but by which the cataloger thinks a patron may search (for example, making a 246 for “Encyclopedia Britannica” when the 245 is recorded as “Encyclopaedia Britannica”).  There is no limit to the number of 246s that may be included in a record. 


The title recorded in the 246 field applies to the whole work.  Titles that apply only to part of a work (such as the titles of individual stories in a volume of collected stories) are recorded in either the 505 (contents note) or 7XX fields.


Copy Cataloging Instructions


Accept 246s on incoming copy, and add them if important.  Also accept alternate titles that are recorded in the 740 field.


Important 246 additions include:

·         Substituting “and” for the ampersand (&).

·         Writing out the cardinal or ordinal numbers in a title that includes them.

·         Adding the title on the book’s cover when it does not match the title on the title page.

·         Any other title that is represented significantly on the work (i.e., a patron might reasonably think it is the book’s title).


If you are not sure whether a 246 should be added, consult a cataloger.


Reference Information and Examples


For complete coding information, consult the OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards, 246. 


1st indicator


The first indicator controls whether or not the alternate title will display in the public catalog.  The possible values are:


0          note, no title added entry

1          note, title added entry

2          no note, no title added entry

3          no note, title added entry


“No note” values will not display in the catalog.  This is appropriate for use when recording an alternate title that differs only in typography from the title proper, or when recording a portion of the title in the 246.  “No title added entry” values will prevent the 246 being entered from being retrieved in the title index of the catalog. 


2nd indicator


The 2nd indicator represents the source of the title in field 246.  It is used in place of a 500 note and determines the OPAC display constant (introductory phrase such as Cover title) that precedes the text in the field.  The possible values are:


blank   use with |i and when the other second indicator values below are not appropriate.

0          portion of title

1          parallel title (used when there is a title in another language)

2          distinctive title (primarily for serials)

3          other title (primarily for serials)

4          cover title

5          added title page title (used when the item has 2 title pages)

6          caption title (title at the head of first page of text)

7          running title (the title that appears at the top or bottom of each page)

8          spine title


Subfield i


Use |i when none of the other second indicator values above provide the needed display.  When this subfield is used, the second indicator is blank.  The order of text entered in the field is:  Subfield i--the phrase to be displayed--colon--|a title (without initial article).


246:1_:|i At head of title: |a World Council of Might = Wrong


Subfield a


Subfield a (|a) contains the varying form of the title chosen for entry in the record.  Initial articles are eliminated, because field 246 does not have a nonfiling indicator.  Field 246 has no ending punctuation unless the field ends with an abbreviation.


For more information about formatting the content of |a, see 245, Title and Statement of Responsibility.


Subfield b 


Subfield b (|b) contains the remainder of the title.   Field 246 has no ending punctuation unless the field ends with an abbreviation.


For more information about formatting the content of |b, see 245, Title and Statement of Responsibility.


 246 Quick Reference List


Portion of the title proper:  245 |a

246  30

Alternative title:  245 |a  [title], or, [title]

246  30

Subtitle access:  245 |b

246  30

Part title access:  245 |p

246  30

Spelled out form of words; numbers; or symbols in 245:  labor/labour; 2/two; &/and

246  3

Corrected title (use when there is a typo in title)

246  3

Cover title

246  14

Spine title

246  18

At head of title

246  1_  |i At head of title:  |a

Multivolume variant title

246  1_  |i Vol. 2 has title: |a

Also known as

246  1_  |i Also known as: |a

Colophon title

246  1_  |i Colophon title: |a

Parallel title

246  31

Added title page title

246  15

Caption title

246  16

Running title

246  17




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