The variable fields contain textual information that describes and provides access for the bibliographic resource.  View the information contained in these selected variable fields  for content and accuracy.  Correct any errors, MARC coding (tags, indicators, subfields) as well as textual, that you find in the record.  For questions regarding fields and codes not specified in this documentation, and for more extensive examples, refer to the OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards manual and the Voyager Cataloging Manual.


020  International Standard Book Number

035  OCLC Control Number

042  Authentication Code

050/090  Library of Congress Call Number

1XX Main Entry

130 Main Entry/Uniform Titles

240  Uniform Title

245  Title and Statement of Responsibility

246  Varying Forms of the Title (Title Added Entry)

250  Edition Statement

260  Publication, Distribution (Imprint) Statement

300  Physical Description (Collation)

4XX Statement and 8XX Series Tracing

5XX Notes

6XX Subjects

7XX Name, Title, and Name/Title Added Entries

856  Electronic Location and Access



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