Voyager MFHD records for most library materials are created at the time of order or receipt, before they are routed to cataloging. Most cataloging involves editing these existing MFHD records. Create a new MFHD record only when you add a new Bibliographic record to the catalog or when you add a copy.

Leader | 008 | 852 Location/Call Number | 866-868 Vol.Holdings


Default values are underlined

c = Corrected or revised
d = Deleted
n = New

Type of Record
v = multipart (non-serial)
x = single-part
y = serial

Encoding Level
 4 = Holdings level 4 (Accept this default value for all types of material)

008 field

The Holdings 008 is designed primarily for serial and multipart items. We have not yet determined how we will be using this field. For now, use the default values

852 Location/Call Number

First indicator = Shelving Scheme
0 = Library of Congress classification
1 = Dewey Decimal classification
3 = Superintendent of Documents classification
8 = Other scheme

Second indicator = Shelving order
blank = Undefined

Subfield Codes

|b Sublocation or collection (Permanent location within CUL Libraries)

|k Call number prefix (Use for size designation such as q, f, Folio, Miniature)

|h Classification part (If "In Process" or "On Order" appear here, replace with the Classification number and remember to change the 852 first indicator from 8 to the appropriate value.)

|i Item part (Cutter number, date, etc.)

|l Shelving form of title (Use for DeGolyer fixed location.)

|x Non-public note (Delete unneeded |x notes migrated from the NOTIS OPR.)

|z Public note (Keep all |z notes migrated from NOTIS. Some of these may need to be changed slightly or moved to a different field or record.)

866-868 Volume Holdings

    866 Textual Holdings: Basic Bibliographic Unit
    867 Textual Holdings: Supplementary Material
    868 Textual Holdings: Indexes

First indicator: Field encoding level
4 = Holdings level 4
Second indicator: Type of notation
1 = ANSI Z39.44 or ANSI/NISO Z39.57

Subfield Codes

|a Textual holdings
|x Non-public note
|z Public note


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