Creating an Item Record

From the holdings record (after it has been saved to the database):

  1. Click on the New Items button on the toolbar. A New Item Record will display. The location, call number, permanent location, and item type default are filled in. Verify that they are correct.
  2. Enter the barcode.
  3. Add Temp. Loc. (Temporary Location) if one appears on the flag.
  4. Add Temp. Type when there is a Temp. Loc.
  5. For multipart items and serials, add an enumeration or chronology in the Enum box.The item record is formatted differently than the holdings record. Enter all elements followed by spaces. Do not use punctuation to indicate line breaks:

 v.1 pt.2 not v.1:pt.2

1950 Jan. 24 not 1950:Jan.24

  1. Copy should be 0
  2. Pieces: Include total number of pieces for items with accompanying material, such as, maps and disks in pockets.
  3. Save the record to the database.


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