Music scores call numbers

Anatomy of music call numbers


LC Classification M, MT.

First cutter

The first letter of the main entry. Use Cutter-Sanborn.

Opus number

Unique identification number. When opus number (op.) exits, use the opus number even if the title is distinctive, without including a cutter for the title.


M23 .K123 op. 11

Thematic number

Unique numbers of a composerís works, often begins with an initial(s) unique to the composer followed by the number.


M1001 .M939 K. 551 2000

Köchel number (K.) for the works of Mozart.


M1003 .B118 BWV 1066

Bach Werke Verzeichnis (BWV) for the works of J.S. Bach.

Serial number

Use serial number (no.) when opus or thematic number is lacking or not specific.

M250 .B813 op. 120 no. 2 1995


Major (maj.) or minor (min.). Use when opus/thematic/serial number(s) is lacking or not specific. Spell out sharp (#) and flat (b).


M512 .F454 A sharp maj. 2004

Second cutter

The first letter of uniform title or title proper if there is no opus/thematic/serial number, or key. If the pieces have the same titles with different serial numbers, and if the class number does not imply a specific format or genre, use the title and serial number.

Composition date

(YYYY). Use when opus/thematic/serial number(s), key, or distinctive title is lacking or not specific.

M23 .B292 (1915) 2004

M23 .B292 (1926) 2004


Filing order

Put a space after opus, serial, thematic number: op._2, BWV_1011, op._3 no._1.

When an item lacks the publication/copyright date and has [n.d.] or 198u, etc., do not include the date in its call number. If an item has a questionable date such as [2004?], use this date for its call number without the brackets and/or question mark.


Class number + Main entry cutter +

Publication/copyright date

The title is implied by the class number. Do not cutter by title if a composer wrote only one work of that type.

M219 .C784 1999

Copland wrote only one sonata for violin and piano. M219 implies "sonata for violin and piano."

Opus or thematic number + Publication/copyright date

M1001 .M939 K. 551 2000

Because Mozart wrote 41 symphonies, include the thematic number after the main entry cutter. The thematic number is distinctive and so there is no need to include the serial number (no. 41); Mozartís symphony no. 41 is K. 551.


M1003 .B118 BWV 1066-1069 1999

J.S. Bachís 4 orchestral suites in one volume.


M452 .S384 D. 112, 173 2000

Schubertís non-consecutively numbered string quartets in one volume.

Opus and/or serial number + Publication/copyright date

M250 .B813 op. 120 no. 2 1995

Brahms wrote 2 sonatas for clarinet and piano, and both are numbered op. 120. The call number includes the serial number to differentiate the 2 sonatas.

Second cutter + Publication/copyright date

If a work has no opus/thematic/serial number but has a distinctive title, or if the cutter number does not imply any specific form of composition, make a second cutter.


M25.D123 C 2003

M25 is for any pieces for piano and it does not imply any specific form. This piece is titled "Cotton candy."

Key + Publication/copyright date

M219 .P677 D maj. 1999


Pisendelís violin sonata with no unique identification number.

Composition year + Publication/copyright date

If a composer wrote more than one work of a type but the works have no opus/thematic/serial number or distinctive title, use the composition year in parentheses.

M23 .B292 (1915) 2004

M23 .B292 (1926) 2004

Bartok wrote several piano sonatas with no distinctive number or title.


M1621 .B223 (1955) 2004

Collection of songs by Barab titled "Six songs".

Part of a large work: Work + Part + Publication/copyright date

For an excerpt of a work, use the first letter of the work and the first letter of the part, separated by a hyphen.


M2003.H135 M-H 1989

Handelís Hallelujah from his Messiah.


M1503.A328 K-M 1998

Merlin, the first opera of the King Arthur opera trilogy, by Albeniz.

Keyword + Publication/copyright date

M2011.H415 G 2003

M2011.H415 H 2003

M2011.H415 C 2003

Michael Haydnís masses start with the same words: Missa Sancti Gabrielis, Missa Sancti Hieronymi, Missa Sanctae Crucis. The second cutters are based on the keywords.


M1852.S245 A (High) 1999

M1852.S245 A (Medium) 1999

Sargonís song cycle "Ash un flamen" for high or medium voice.


M2091.V645 Messe 4 voci 2004

Tomas Luis de Victoriaís collection of masses for 4 voices. From the same publisher there are other collections of Victoriaís music: Mottetti a 4 voci and Mottetti a 5 voci. All three volumes are classed in M2091.V645. Messe 4 voci is the distinctive keyword for this piece.


M452 .B415 no. 16 2004

M452 .B415 no. 16 2004 (study score)

Beethovenís string quartet from the same publisher, by the same editor, published in the same year. One is performance parts and the other is a study score.




1st indicator 0, 2nd indicator blank.


|b ham for circulating scores.

|b ham, m123 for non-circulating scores, M2 and M3.


Class number.

|h M1001

Class number + first cutter when there are 2 cutters.

|h M1001.C123


Place |i before the last cutter.

|h M219 |i .C784 1999

|h M1503.A328 |i K-M 1998

|h M2091.V645 |i Messe 4 voci 2004

Do not consider opus/serial/thematic number, key, composition year, or keywords as a cutter.

|h M250 |i .B813 op. 120 no. 2 1995

|h M23 |i .B292 (1915) 2004

|h M452 |i.S384 D. 112, 173 2000

|h M219 |i .P677 D maj

|h M1852.S245 |i A (Medium) 1999




One barcode for each item record containing score(s) and/or parts. If the item contains an accompanying CD or videocassette, the accompanying item gets its own holdings record and barcode.

Number of pieces

Count scores and parts. Do not count packaging, such as pam binders, orchestra folders.

End processing


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