SPEcial Processing OF Materials

This documentation is for use by CIP staff who catalog materials that have been designated to receive special processing. These items are flagged with a red Special Processing flag and are delivered to the PIT (Priorities Implementation Team) leader. They are distributed to an appropriate staff person for cataloging. They are not sent to end processing, as they are not to be stamped, stripped, or labeled.

Flag the material

Insert an acid free flag in the item.

Write the call number in pencil on the top left of the acid free flag.

Affix the barcode to the opposite side of the acid free flag.

Mark the material

For printed material, on page 11, very near the seam, write SMU Library and the barcode number (32177) in pencil. If there is no page 11, substitute another page.

For non-print materials, consult with the sender about desired markings.

Catalog the material

Follow the usual cataloging practice for the bibliographic, holdings and item records.

Follow any special instructions that appear on the red flag, such as entering a 590 gift note or leaving the book cover intact.

Distribute the material

Give the completed item to the PIT leader to return to the sender.




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