Union Listing is a means by which libraries describe their periodical collections in the OCLC system. It allows libraries to create, maintain, and display their holdings in order to facilitate resource sharing.

Triggers for union listing

1.      We receive a new subscription

2.      A title ceases

3.      A title changes

4.      A title has split or absorbed another title

5.      We cancel a subscription

6.      A title is withdrawn from the collection

7.      The ILL office sends us a report of titles to update

Logging on to the union list

A PRISMul session with embedded authorization and password must be set up. Then do the following to log on:

        Open OCLC Passport for Windows

        Open PRISMul session

Searching the online union catalog

Perform a numeric search for the title using OCLC control number if known. Otherwise, perform derived, keyword, or scan title searches as in cataloging mode. A Local Data Record (LDR) will be returned if one has already been created.


If an LDR has not been created, the bibliographic record for the title will be returned. Create an LDR for the title by typing wfh at the Home position and hitting F11.

Local Data Record elements to add or modify

Fixed fields: Our holding library symbols are ISMM for Fondren and ISEM, ISMF for Hamon, and ISMS for Science. Modify the holding library symbol as necessary and hit F10 to send.


Variable fields: Edit variable fields for the SCHD (summary holdings statement for copy) and SIHD (summary holdings statement for institution) according to the following charts.




Date of report

Supplied by OCLC system


Completeness code

Leave at the default value of 0


Acquisition status code

0 = not supplied

1 = other

2 = received and complete or ceased

3 = on order

4 = currently received

5 = not currently received


Retention code

0 = not supplied

1 = other

2 = retained except as replaced by updates

3 = sample issue retained

4 = retained until replaced by microform, or other preservation format

5 = retained until replaced by cumulation, replacement volume, or revision

6 = limited retention

7 = received, not kept

8 = permanent retention


Local notes

If |f is 6, add note stating retention policy, e.g., "Latest 1 year retained."

Use bracketed note to state microform holdings (see Local Data Record examples for notes pertaining to microforms).


Enumeration data

Supply open-ended statement for titles we currently receive.

Supply closed statement for titles we no longer receive but still retain.


Chronology data

Supply open-ended statement for titles we currently receive.

Supply closed statement for titles we no longer receive but still retain.




OCLC symbol (ISM)

Supplied by OCLC system


Same as for SCHD

Same as for SCHD


Hit F11 after editing each line.


After editing the LDR, use the reformat command to review modifications by hitting F2.


Use the update command to add/replace the LDR in the Union List. Type u at the Home position and hit F11.


Deleting a Local Data Record

If all issues of a title are being discarded, delete the LDR if there is one. Open the LDR, type del at the Home position, and hit F11.


Our holdings symbol must also be deleted from the bibliographic record. Go to cataloging mode, open the bibliographic record, type delh at the Home position, and hit F11.

Local Data Record examples

Print holdings

Closed holdings record (no longer received): Mississippi geology, OCLC #7019908

Open holdings record (currently received): Radiation measurements, OCLC #31277902

Latest X years/months retained: Population today, OCLC #10377361

Microform holdings

Microform only: Financial world, OCLC #1569242

Some print retained permanently, recent issues replaced by microform: Esquire, OCLC #5154955

Some print volumes retained permanently, previous and recent issues replaced by microfilm and/or microfiche: Publishers weekly, OCLC #2489456

No print volumes retained permanently, paper copies replaced by microform: B to B, OCLC #43720791

Additional sources for union listing

OCLC Union List Service

Union List User Guide

Union List Reference Card

OCLC Passport for Windows Templates: Union Listing







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