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Collection Development

         Librarians select materials  and send orders to Deputy Director (Curt). Titles that include “free online” reflect current collection development decisions and are automatically accepted.

         Deputy Director signs all contracts

         Deputy Director notifies the E-journal librarian (Hank) of selection by forwarding pertinent information including contract when available.



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E-journal Librarian

1.Collection development librarian selected the title.

2.Title can be linked to directly.

3.Intended for the permanent collection and access to title has no clear end date.

         Verifies access with publisher/vendor with particular attention paid to access limitations.

         Forwards all contracts to the Collection Development Librarian for review and approval.

         Maintains documentation on access rights, e.g., e-mail confirmations, and so forth.

         Submits CIP Electronic Resource Notification Form or Electronic Resource Alert Form for each title or, when appropriate, publisher (IEEE, etc.).

         Forwards original contract or printout of e-mail correspondence to Director for Financial Management (Kris) in CIP.



Up-Down Arrow Callout: Contracts, additional costs or information

Center for Information Processing

         Maintains relevant information in Voyager

1.Creates purchase order, if appropriate

2.Creates bibliographic and holdings records according to the Bibliographic Elements for Remote Online Resources and the Electronic Resource Contract Information on the MFHD.

         Maintains paper files for all resources.

         Updates and maintains database records, including URLs.

CUL Systems

         Works with interested parties to extract data as needed.




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