Voyager Location Codes



Library Voyager Location (852 $b) Voyager Permanent Location (Perm. Loc) OPAC Display Name Call Number
FONDREN fond fond Fondren Library Fondren PERIODICAL
sci sci Science Library Science PERIODICAL
flc,po flc,po Fondren Library Center Periodicals Office Fondren PERIODICAL    Science PERIODICAL      Fondren NEWSPAPER
fond or sci flc,npra Fondren Library Center Newspaper & Periodicals Reading Area
flc,pbw Fondren Library Center Periodicals Binding Workroom Science PERIODICAL Fondren PERIODICAL
fond,micr fond,micr Fondren Library Center Microform Area, Fondren Collection Fondren Microfilm or microfiche PERIODICAL
sci,micr sci,micr Fondren Library Center Microform Area, Science Collection Fondren Microfilm or microfiche PERIODICAL
Science DeGolyer scid scid Science Library, DeGolyer Collection, 2nd Floor Science PERIODICAL
scid,perc Science Library, DeGolyer Collection, Current Periodicals
CMIT cmit cmit CMIT Library, General Circulation Material CMIT PERIODICAL
DeGolyer deg deg DeGolyer Library, Non-circulating DeGolyer PERIODICAL
FORT fort fort Taos, NM -- Fort Burgwin Library Ft. Burgwin PERIODICAL
HAMON ham ham Hamon Hamon PERIODICAL
ham,perc Hamon LIbrary, Current Periodicals,    Non-circulating
ISEM isem isem The Institute for the Study of Earth & Man, Heroy Hall ISEM PERIODICAL

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