introduction to cip for cul staff

The Training Team of CIP coordinates a program to introduce all new CUL employees to CIP and its services. This helps us to get to know your staff and their areas of responsibility and gives your staff the opportunity to learn more about the CIP team structure and workflow and the Voyager Acquisitions and Cataloging Modules. This assists all of us in working together more effectively.


We would like for each new CUL librarian to participate in this introductory program  shortly after joining the staff. The basic program consists of four parts:


1. Introduction to CIP structure and services

2. Introduction to the Voyager Acquisitions Module

3. Introduction to the Voyager Cataloging Module

4. Communicating with the Priorities Implementation Team (PIT)


Although we want all new librarians to automatically receive this overview, we also welcome providing this service to all staff new to CUL. In addition, we will be happy to offer this overview and training to any interested current staff member.


In addition to this basic program, we offer further training as needed designed to assist staff with their specific job responsibilities. This might involve such things as how to read ledgers, how to interpret check-in and holdings records, the relationship between MARC tags and PONI display, how to insert binding notes in records, how the processing of electronic resources takes place, etc. Various staff members in CIP participate in providing this training.


After someone joins your staff, please contact our Training Team to schedule this introduction. Contact Clare Lattimore in CIP. Please feel free to offer suggestions to the Training Team concerning what training your new staff member will need. If we do not hear from you after a reasonable amount of time, we will contact you directly to schedule this session for your new librarians.


Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to better work with you and your staff.


Nancy Rubenstein

CIP Training Team Leader




NCR 04/23/2003


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