Planning Process for New Staff Training and Orientation

  1. Supervisor will consult with appropriate Team Leader(s) and Training Team to decide on a start date for new staff member. The Training Team needs a minimum of one week's notice before start date.
  2. A planning group will be formed to plan orientation and training schedule for the new staff member. The group will include

Representative of the Training Team

Representative of the Technology Team

Team Leader(s)

Supervisor (as needed)

  1. The representative from the Training Team will draft the schedule and send to the other members of the planning group.
  2. A schedule for at least the first week will be drafted. Week 1 will be highly structured.
  3. The planning group (see item 2) will meet by the second week to evaluate and plan subsequent training needs (core curriculum, progress on CIP Orientation Checklist, and any other specialized training).
  4. Following successful completion of the three month probationary period, the Training Team will interview the staff member to assess the training and orientation process.




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